for some reason, i thought i had lost .2 pounds this morning but when i was updating the sidebar - i quickly realized i had gained .8 pounds instead (d'uh!)... i'm totally okay with that... really... if you had seen the plate of food i had on saturday, and then for dinner saturday night - you would not be surprised... and i didn't exercise yesterday, or today for that matter (still not feeling well), so we'll just keep things moving along as best i can... i hope to be back up and running 100% tomorrow, just one more day of rest should do it... :o)

i'll be curious to see what happens w/my weigh tloss since the 5K training has ended... as of right now, i have every intention of continuing to run but will i do it 5x week? i'm not sure - i know i've mentioned doing spinning again so maybe if i add that into my weekend routine, there won't be a huge fluctuation... as for during the week - i SUCK at running on my own (outside) so i'll either have to just DO IT or use the treadmill instead... any suggestions on how to make running solo easier?

sorry for the short post again, i hope to be back to normal soon...

happy hump day (thank god!)...

Kate  – (4:42 PM)  

Do you have an iPod? I always find that that makes my walks/rollerblading trips so much more enjoyable!

Randi  – (5:18 PM)  

100% agree. Music is the only way I can get myself to run. I make sure and download some really cool new songs every so often (whether or not they're really running tempo doesn't matter, I just have to love the song). Then whenever I want to listen to a certain song, I make myself run, even if it's only for the 1 song length. But it never is!

ThickChick  – (5:36 PM)  

I third the notion. Music is the answer. Years ago I had a running partner, which was nice, time would fly. But these days, I prefer to run solo, go my own pace, and lose myself in silly pump-you-up tunes by artists I would normally never listen to (Fergie? Pussycat Dolls? 50 Cent?)
I occasionally get sick of running, and try to hit a couple of kickboxing classes or hilly walks to mix things up. But keep running - maybe you'll love it!

Irie_Key  – (8:41 PM)  

Hi, I am still catching up on my reading, but congratulations on the run - whooo hooo way to go! The weight blip - no worries. Running + music definitely. Black Eyed Peas, The Killers, INXS, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shakira... Makes me want to hop on the treadmill just thinking about getting my heart pumping to some great music.

Anne  – (9:47 PM)  

For sure music helps! About the gain, so small, no big deal at all. It will be off before you know it!

Living to Feel Good  – (3:15 AM)  

No suggestions, since I am a shy person, I like to run solo....that is when I decide to run. I've been more of a speed walker lately.

Jodi  – (7:28 AM)  

WOW! who would have thunk that music is such a motivator to walk!( giggled when i read thickchicks music cuz that is exactly what is on mine too-- all the "sexy" songs! lol)
I am the same as most of these ladies. I fill my MP3 with music that is not my usual listening around-the-house-to-music then it is "new" stuff to walk with. I also journal my walking and exercise with my eating that way i can go back and get a bit motivated when i am "slacking".
Good luck in getting and staying motivated!!

marie  – (10:20 AM)  

music and always finding new routes. don't get bored with the same streets - go on a little adventure.

Teresa  – (11:20 AM)  

Do feel better soon. The gain .... thats nothing to worry about. I'm sure it will be gone and more by next week.

Cowgirl Warrior  – (12:26 PM)  

Music and a Garmin, I love to see how I'm doing ie pace time and distance and then I can see improvements or just set targets. I would never run/walk solo without my music, I move to the beat.

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