feeling crabby?

i managed to go out to lunch today AND eat healthy, how often do you hear that? the president treated us to lunch for working on the big dinner back in may - he chose a really nice seafood place and i had broiled lump crab cakes... i also had a salad, one piece of crusty bread, some asparagus, a small spoonful of hash browns, and for dessert -- a skim cappuccino... though it was a heavy lunch, i still feel i made some great choices and i consider it a success... i also have a lunch & learn on friday but doubt it will be as healthy -there's not much choice when attending a seminar, at a hotel, so i'll do my best... :o)

the weekend came and went so quickly, i hate that... saturday we ran the 5K course and ladies - it was really hard (only the middle part was easy)... i ran almost the whole time and even though i tried to walk a few steps here and there, one of my teammates kept coaching me to go on... and i did... but it was hard, that's all i'm going to say about and i can't wait for the race to be over... i'm really missing pilates for some reason and emailed my old instructor to find out why the class time changed - it used to be at 6:30 and now its at 6:00 so i can't make it... which means, i have go somewhere else and pay a lot more which sucks... i'm just not very good at doing it on my own, its too easy to talk myself out of it... :o(

so after running, i helped eric w/some stuff around the house - he put the platform in the back of his truck (for the futon when camping) and i mowed the grass (i love it!)... later we took the motorcyle to my mom's, had dinner, and helped her w/some stuff too - put in her a/c, cleaned out a birdhouse, and hung it back on the tree... the much needed rain didn't come til yesterday so we were extremely lazy - got up around 10am, had breakfast, watched 'meet the press', then watched 'the shining' - i love that movie... its so creepy and yet so very funny at times... max and i got home last night around 7:00 and we met the neighbor downstairs - i think that's the first time, in over 4 years, that i've talked to a neighbor - kinda sad... he seemed like a nice guy and said that i'm quiet as a mouse... :o)

i have to hit the gym after work today since i missed my usual 2:00 time - i'm not a fan of doing it but i need to get in as much running as possible before the race... i hope the good treadmill is open but i doubt it - there's only 1 good one and 3 crappy ones so wish me luck... :o)

happy monday...

Kate  – (4:23 PM)  

Good Luck with Running, and getting the good treadmill :)

I'm hoping to get in a walk after work...but its pouring here currently. UGH! Gotta love weather.

iportion  – (6:31 PM)  

I felt crabby yesterday due to back pain but according to my huby I didn't take it out on anyone which is good :-)

PS good luck with the good treadmill

TrixieBelden  – (8:29 PM)  

Congrats on your race last weekend! I think it is fabulous you kept on going even when it got really tough. I know that is so hard for me to do. I hope you got the good treadmill tonight! :)

Anne  – (9:20 PM)  

Congrats on the race!! And good for you, going out to lunch and still being healthy!

Jenn  – (10:16 PM)  

Well done on your healthy lunch! I noticed your blog on another blog and thought id drop in! thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work! feel free to drop into mine!

Twisted Cinderella  – (8:44 AM)  

I understand crabby. I have a feeling, I am going to be having more than my fair share of those days in the upcoming days.

Ro  – (10:15 AM)  

Congrats on the 5K you have been doing so well Jodi...keep it up!!!

~paige~  – (2:12 PM)  

i love the moving he shining!

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