i woke-up with a sore throat and feel like crap so i'm hoping its the weather and that i feel better tomorrow... i hate feeling like sh*t because i don't want to do anything - including exercise which is terrible but i can't help it... tomorrow is weigh-in and again, i'm not expecting a loss and i mean it - i ate way too much this weekend and there's certainly no way in HELL i'm doing anything after work tonight... i usually have 2 workouts the day before and feel that has helped w/my scale results but that's not happening... so my plans for tonight are: hop into my jammies, have soup for dinner, watch some tv, and take a hot bath... :o|

i'd like to personally thank all the people that left a note yesterday - i've never received 22 comments before and have to say, that makes me feel pretty good... eric said, "you must be popular" and i don't think its that - we're all just genuinely interested in what everyone else is doing... its sort of like having your own fan-club but instead of being music-related, its diet and fitness... go figure... :o)

sorry to keep this short but i need to make some more tea...

happy tuesday...

Kim  – (3:14 PM)  

I feel your pain!! :( Take care of yourself and feel better soon!!

Chris H  – (4:26 PM)  

Your evening's plans sound like heaven to me! Take care and hope the scales are nice to you tomorrow..I mean today! It's Wednesday already here.

Sizzle  – (5:40 PM)  

i hope you feel better soon!

ThickChick  – (6:00 PM)  

Hope you're feeling better soon, you deserve to take it easy, give your bod a rest!

Anne  – (9:17 PM)  

Rest up my dear, hope you feel better soon!

iportion  – (1:46 AM)  

I hope you feel better soon.

Amuldoon  – (8:16 AM)  

You ARE popular my dear... :)

Hope you feel better soon.

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:58 AM)  

Feel better soon!
Enjoy a quiet evening.

marie  – (9:16 AM)  

do we get membership cards in the jodi fanclub?

feel better!

Dee  – (10:22 AM)  

I'm in the same boat...way too much "off plan" eating this weekend. Hope you feel better soon!

Ro  – (3:22 PM)  

Hope you feel better Chica! You have rocked it out so much you deserve a rest!
I ended up making a spicy soba noodle dish with a peanut dressing.it was yummy!

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