3 days and counting

holy smokes, i have been so busy today... my boss decided to give me yet another newsletter to work on and there's like a bazillion charts, tables, and graphs to format... at least it will keep me busy for the rest of the week and then i won't have to worry about it for a while... my company had an ice cream social today (more like let's have ice cream, cake, AND candy) so i opted for the fat-free, raspberry sorbet with some chopped peanuts - i have no idea what the calorie-count is so i'll just say it was 2 points... i also had a good workout today so i'm not feeling too guilty for having a little treat... :o)

since i was early for my hair appt. last night, i stopped by starbucks and tried their lite orange mocha frappuccino - it was very tasty and only 2 points (according to their website anyway)... sabine did a great job on my hair and was so quick - i must've been in/out in less than 20 minutes... on my way home, i stopped by target for a few things (crackers, cereal, tissues, and gum) as well as big lots for more camping stuff - i usually get our tuna salad there because its only $1 and its great for lunches... tonight, i'll probably start assembling my clothes and finish-up the laundry, which leaves tomorrow night for relaxing... :o)

did anyone watch that stupid paris hilton interview on larry king? what a joke...

happy thursday...

Calyn  – (5:13 PM)  

Sounds like you are making some really good choices. Keep up the good work! :)

And no, I did not waste my time watching Paris. I am so tired hearing about her, there are many other more important things going on in the world that should be focused on! ;)

kelly  – (5:48 PM)  

i want to try that orange frapp, it sounds great.

paris hilton is a moron. at the beginning of the interview i actually thought she was acting different, talking normally, etc. but when they asked her if she had done drugs and she said no, i changed the channel. she has been photographed & videotaped doing drugs, so why would she lie about that? i would say "thats personal" or something to that affect. those celebutantes are ridiculous.

CaRoLyN  – (8:07 AM)  

Sounds like you are making great choices and keeping very busy lately. I have been away for over a week so I am trying to catch up on all my blogs...I swear I'm like a little old owman who needs to catch up on her soaps!
Great job resisting the icecream and opting for the sorbet! Good choice!
Hope you have a GREAT long weekend! Happy Canada Day!

~paige~  – (8:22 AM)  

I have been dying to try that stabucks thing. maybe this weekend...
great choice with the raspberry s9orbet by the way. sounds yummy!

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