me love popcorn

well, i got the good treadmill for 20 minutes last night but had to use one of the other ones for the first 15 - its really amazing how much better you can run, when the treadmill is nicer... i did about 35 minutes, then did some ab work, then ran to get my new cellphone configured, and then home... i wasn't very hungry so for dinner, i opted for a mini-bag of popcorn and called it a night... :o)

i was planning on wearing my new capris and shirt this morning but really think i can go one size smaller - i was a bit upset... i HATE having to change my outfit for the day when i had already planned it out the night before (yea, i'm weird like that)... so, now i have to go back to kohl's and see if they have what i need, in a smaller size, i'm not sure when that will be - maybe tonight after running... course, maybe i shouldn't be trying on clothes when i'm all sweaty... :-o

well, i heard back from my pilates instructor and she admitted to changing the class time herself - i can't blame the rec center and really can't be mad at her either... so, i have to find something else pilates-related - maybe bally's has something i can take but their classes are always so big and so distracting... their spinning room is pretty small but their large, exercise room (for step, etc.) is big, bright, and echoey... i really liked her teaching methods too so i'm pretty bummed-out... :o(

not much else going on, things are pretty quiet... eric's going to pittsburgh this weekend so my list of 'things to do' is growing... maybe i can get some pool-time in too... :o)

happy tuesday...

Anne  – (11:51 AM)  

Yeah for getting on the treadmill, that's my goal for tonight :)

Greta & Gurdy  – (12:54 PM)  

I totally know what you mean about the treadmill- I have a fav and if its taken, I just don't get the same workout. Silly, yes but that's me. And I HAVE to plan what I am wearing the next day! It goes into my gym bag the night before otherwise I'll spend 20 minutes in the AM (that I don't have) to pick something out.

No worries on dining ideas- we ate FAR too much as it was, lol.

Kate  – (1:44 PM)  

Glad you got on the treadmill of choice ;) Makes the time more enjoyable.

BTW, I love popcorn too! The 100 calorie bags of kettle korn are my savior.

Chris H  – (4:10 PM)  

Hey, I don't think it's weird planning your next day's outfit the night before. I think it's bloody clever actually, and something I should do... I am always fart arsing around in the morning wasting time trying to figure out what to wear! I am going to start TODAY !

k  – (5:56 PM)  

Returns do stink, but smaller sizes rock! I puffy heart popcorn, 94% fat free of course.

KL  – (6:06 PM)  

I've missed catching up with you, but I think I'm back on track. I own an elliptical machine ... a cheap version of the real thing. I look at it every single day, but I haven't used it in about 5 months. I'd much rather use the precor elliptical at the gym ... so much better. Anyone want to buy an elliptical?

Amber  – (11:48 PM)  

Glad to hear you got the good treadmill and got in a good workout!

iportion  – (2:30 AM)  

glad you got the good treadmill

marie  – (10:17 AM)  

poor you having to get smaller capris :P

sucks that there are good and not so good treadmills, but it's better than no run at all! :)

Sonya  – (11:55 AM)  

Yay for smaller sizes!!!! I know what you mean about the treadmills - the one in my building gym is AWFUL - totally ricketty. The one's in the "real" gym are soooo sturdy, and a pleasure to run on.

kelly  – (3:55 PM)  

i love me some popcorn too!! somehow i managed to resist at the movie theater last night. go see knocked up, such a cute movie!

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