okay, now what?

well, i did it - i finished saturday's race in under 34 minutes which comes out to something like a 11-minute mile which is crazy (i don't think we ever went under 11:30-11:45 in practice)... i was hurting towards the end and really have to thank my pace leader, allyson, for giving me the strength to continue because i really wanted to just stop and walk the rest of the way...i'm also very lucky to have had eric there - he was cheering me on during various parts of the race (as well as being mr. picture-taker as you will see below) so thank-you darlin for being my biggest supporter... :o)

pre-race: my first, official race number... :o)

this was right before the first hill - ugh!

this is when i wanted to just give up! i'm glad i didn't...

nice action shot, darlin...

post-race: each runner received a rose and a certificate...

i thought it would be funny to wear a tattoo since the race was called "Run for Roses"...

after the race, i hosted a brunch for my two girlfriends (who also did the race), their hubbies, and their 3-kids each... they hung out for a few hours and hardly made a dent in the food i made - guess i tend to make too much because i never know if i'm making enough or making something that everyone will like... i was in the kitchen all day on friday baking and cooking, as well as cleaning the house and preparing the picnic patio but in the end, it all worked out... i guess i tend to overdo things but that's just the way i am - i like things to look nice for others and get a great sense of satisfaction from it... :o)

as for the rest of the weekend - we watched 'smoking aces' (which was excellent), went to the library, did a lot of relaxing, ate a lot of leftovers, and took a long, motorcycle ride yesterday afternoon... it was nice having a long weekend so it was pretty hard coming to work today... but on the good side - i only have 2 more weeks til our vacation and i CANNOT WAIT... :o)

happy monday...

Sizzle  – (12:56 PM)  

yay you! congrats on your first race completion. :)

i always overdo it too when i have company coming. i like to make it nice!

Alissa  – (12:57 PM)  

Wow! Congratulations! What a great accomplishment.

Greta & Gurdy  – (1:19 PM)  

CONGRATS on the race!!! Its so awesome you pulled through and ran the whole way. I've had races wehere I just said, screw it and walked, and I always regretted it. Having someone there to cheer you on really makes a huge difference! Its so exciting!!!

I also do the same thing and make WAY too much food. One time we had a party (that hubby's assisstant planned) and we ran out of food before half the people got through the food line. I was making microwaved quesadillas for people to eat. Ugh. So I ALWAYS make extra now (and do all the planning myself, lol).

Amuldoon  – (1:57 PM)  

Best feeling ever crossing that finish line isn't it?

Congrats! :)

Kim  – (2:44 PM)  

Congrats on doing so freakin' awesome with your race!!! I am so proud of you! :) So, are you ready to sign up for another one???

k  – (2:54 PM)  

Congrats! You did awesome, look awesome and woohoo that vacation is coming! Very inspiring, I miss running races. Under 11 minute pace, caaaraaazy for your first race. Way to go!

kelly  – (3:24 PM)  

that is so awesome! you're inspiring me to sign up for one! :)

Chris H  – (3:55 PM)  

You're SMOKIN !! Good on you, you are looking awesome too. Love the wee "tattoo". so, that's one down, how many more to go???

ThickChick  – (4:52 PM)  

Wahoooooooooo! Congrats!! The best feeling: doing something you never thought you could do! Impressive!

As for the over-doing it hostess, I fall into that camp too. I don't know what it is......

So your next race is????

Flabuless  – (5:03 PM)  

Jodi you did brilliantly! Well Done. What an achievement for you. I hope to see you back at http://www.findingflabuless.com/Blog soon...we miss ya...lol

Jeni  – (10:54 PM)  

Awesome job! Under 34 minutes is amazing! Congrats!

CaRoLyN  – (7:30 AM)  

You must be so proud of yourself...you look amazing in the pictures!! Good for you!
I really want to sign up for a race eventually and I think your blog is giving me just the motivation I need!

Kate  – (8:05 AM)  

wooo hoo! Congrats on finishing the race, and in an awesome time to boot!

Like yourself, when I'm having people over, I ALWAYS make way too much food. I'm too afraid that I will run out of something for them to eat, and then they will get upset, haha, it's the planner in me.

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend.

Kate  – (9:10 AM)  

Check out my blog, tag your it, if you want to play :)

marie  – (9:35 AM)  

SO FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!!!! that is a GREAT time for a first race. WAY TO GO!!!!!

noelle  – (10:14 AM)  

I am so very impressed!!!

Teresa  – (10:30 AM)  

High Five to you! Tend to go overboard myself when company's coming. Can't stand going somewhere where the host is in the kitchen just starting the preparations when you walk in the door.

Ro  – (10:48 AM)  

You so look like a runner who is there to "do work". Congrats! I am really proud of you~

Anne  – (11:18 AM)  

Congrats! You looked awesome out there and should be very proud!

Sonya  – (11:57 AM)  

Congratulations!!!! You look amazing, and that's such a wonderful accomplishment. Marathons, here you come!

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