starting weight (04/18): 167.8
current weight (06/27): 158.6
weight loss to date:

this was a nice and most welcomed surprise this morning, and quite the treat considering i ALMOST made my goal for vacation (10 pounds)... all i can say is, its nice to be back in the 150s again considering its been since before christmas that i saw this number on the scale... and when i was updating my sidebar, i noticed i'm only 8.6 pounds away from goal (my first one anyway)... that's pretty damn cool, if i do say so myself... i know the next part of my journey will be a long one (being realistic not pessimistic) but i'm looking forward to it anyway because i know i CAN do it... :o)

i never thought that this time around, with weight watchers, i would be this successful but add 5K training and really focusing on my eating into the mix, and the difference is amazing... i have managed to survive parties, happy hours, brunches, occasional weekend splurges, AND still continued to lose weight so i know this way of life is for me... and i know some people may think, "well, you can work out 5-6x a week and don't have a husband, or a house, or kids to take care of"... and yes, that's true but even so - i know that making time for myself is very important and i shouldn't feel guilty for making it a priority... neither should you because its so much easier to take care of others when you're healthy and feeling good about yourself - just 30 minutes a day can do wonders... :o)

okay, i've preached enough so onto other things... eric found this website yesterday where a guy has lost over 401 pounds - be warned, some of the pictures are quite disturbing... he looks amazing though - can you imagine going thru such a personal transformation? talk about awesome! :o)

the packing continues - i picked up a few things at the store last night - stuff like barilla tortellini, rice, couscous, parmalat milk (better for camping), hot dogs (i'm going to try the reduced fat hebrew national), and sunscreen... we'll get most of our fruits/veggies on the day we head to the campground and i'm also hoping we stumble across some farmer stands - i'd much rather buy produce from a local farmer than from a store anyday... the menu so far is: hamburgers, steaks, chicken, hot dogs, and pasta with a healthy breakfast and lunch in between... there will also be lots of beer, margaritas, and possibly some mimosas since we have leftover champagne and OJ from brunch, so i think we're set... i looked up some activities we can do while there as well, including kayaking on the bay and going for a ghost crab walk one night on the beach - how fun does that sound! :o)


happy hump day...

ThickChick  – (10:59 AM)  

With your similar haircuts, the girl on the scale looks like she could be you!! Congrats on reaching the 150s!! Great loss!
I have seen a story about that guy on the website - the one I saw was pre-surgery though and he was begging a surgeon to come forward to help him. Man, he looks amazing - and HOT - in the final photo! Holy moly!
Have fun camping!

Jami  – (11:15 AM)  

Way to go Jodi! 2 lbs. is awesome! Your camping trip sounds like so much fun! My family used to camp a lot when I was little. My husbands' family never did it and subsequently, he's NOT a camper! Oh well! Good job! Have a good day!


Teresa  – (11:15 AM)  

Congrats on the weightlose, you're almost there. Yeah for you. Have a great holiday.

Ro  – (11:24 AM)  


Kim  – (11:52 AM)  

Congratulations! You are doing so so so well!!

I'm trying to sort out how this challenge will work. If you are serious, I'm going to take you up on your help. I'm trying to work it all out on paper right now and hope to have some ideas ready to send out soon.

Good luck as you finish your packing for the trip. I hope that you two have a fun trip!!

Sizzle  – (11:59 AM)  

ghost crab walk sounds fun! congrats on the loss. that's great! you are right about prioritizing ourselves and i think that is good role modeling for our loved ones and kids.

good for you!

Jodi  – (12:05 PM)  

YEEAAA Jodi! Congrats on the loss! It is a great feeling!
Do you have any tricks or advice to pass along for camping and trying to keep off the weight? (Hot dogs, chips, drinks etc... sigh...) I am packing lots of veg's and fruits and water.... lol

John  – (12:15 PM)  

Eric here - JODI ROCKS!!! Congratulations on the loss Darrrrrlin!


Anne  – (12:27 PM)  

OMG! You totally rock!! Congrats on the loss, Jodi!

Irie_Key  – (1:35 PM)  

What a fabulous way to start your vacation! Way to go. Hope you have wonderful relaxing days ahead.

Jami  – (2:02 PM)  

Jodi -

I was reading some of your past posts and saw your question about making running outside easier. I usually download one of my favorite radio call-in shows from the pod-cast. That way, I can listen to the show in peace (no kids screaming in the background) and I hardly even think about the running, I'm so focused on what's going on in the show.

The other idea is to download an audiobook. This always keeps me motivated since I can't progress in the book unless I go for a run!

Good luck!


Blonde Chick  – (2:15 PM)  

I just found your blog today, and I've enjoyed reading!

I just started WW a week ago today, and have my first weigh-in tonight! Yikes!

Congrats on your progress! I'll be keeping up on your story!

My WW site is: http://changingmyweighs.blogspot.com

kelly  – (4:20 PM)  

congrats jodi! that is so awesome :)

enjoy your trip!!

TrixieBelden  – (9:10 PM)  

Hey, congrats on the loss and the 150s! I'm hoping to get to the 150s in July. I'm really impressed with how you live your life to the fullest and still manage to lose. I think you are setting a great example whether you realize it or not! :)

Courtney  – (10:45 PM)  

All vacations are hard to eat on...I think anyway. Good luck...have a great time...and I hope that your awesome loss this week keeps you motivated through the camping trip!

KL  – (12:58 AM)  

Congrats on the awesome loss! Woohoo! I was so intrigued by the story of the guy who lost so much weight. I fear that I'm going to have excess skin when all is said and done. Alas, it's better to have lost the weight and have that hurdle than to not have lost the weight.

Living to Feel Good  – (2:00 AM)  

First congrats on your loss, and woohooo for being so close to your first goal. NICEEEEEEeeee!!

OMG that website is crazy with the kid who lost 400lbs. Thanks for sharing. I always like seeing stuff like that.

~paige~  – (7:35 AM)  

good for you rock star!!

Greta & Gurdy  – (9:27 AM)  

CONGRATS on the loss! woo hoo. And so nice to see right before vacation!
And I agree 100% about making time for yourself. I don't have kids and granted, my house is not always the cleanest, lol but I work a 40 hour a week job and own and run a business that is completely separate from the "regular" job. Plus a house full of animals, groups that I belong to, etc etc etc. and I STILL get my ass to the gym or out on a trail run 5 days a week. You are right, you can make it work. You just have to WANT to.

I just LOVE camping....you're going to have so much fun!!

Dee  – (9:50 AM)  

Wow! Great loss, you're definately making progress! Have a great time camping. We leave for our camping trip next week, I can't wait!

Grumpy Chair  – (11:20 AM)  

Congratulations on the weight loss and entering the 150's.

We love the RF Hebrew National hot dogs. Sara Lee makes a really good whole wheat hot dog bun.

Sounds like a great trip planned. Enjoy (I like bloody marys in the morning instead of Mimosas - but only because champagne gives me a headache!)

Swizzlepop  – (2:05 PM)  

Congrats on the loss and being so close to your first goal! Have a great vacation!

Kate  – (2:54 PM)  

Woot Woot! Congrats on the loss, and seeing the 150's again....go you!

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