who IS that?!

i just got back to the gym - first time since before the holidays and it felt great (minus my aching foot)... i know this may be hard to believe, but i saw myself in the mirror before showering and was shocked to see how i've let myself go... yes, i "look" in the mirror on a daily basis but honestly - i've been ignoring what i saw and how i was feeling... how sad is that?!?!

i could blame the weight gain on a lot of things: planning a wedding, thanksgiving, getting sick, vacation, christmas, lack of motivation, boredom, but none of those are the real reason... I AM THE REASON for gaining weight (again) and I AM THE ONLY ONE who can fix it... end of story...

i've also been in a semi-funk since the wedding - could it be that i'm sad that all the planning is over and now i have nothing to do? hahaha, that sounds horrible but you know what i mean... i loved looking online for deals, reading wedding blogs, shopping, and planning - it was a challenge and i was good at it (so much so that i thought about starting my own design business)... we all know that funks can put a damper on things but again, i can't blame it exclusively because that would be lame...


so where to start, that is the question... we have a fridge full of leftovers and a counter full of cookies, cake, peanut brittle, caramel corn, and chocolate... besides the ham (which will be made into soup), all of it will be going bye-bye and yes, i hate throwing stuff out but if it's there - i'm going to continue to eat it...

exercise will become a priority again and i'm anxious to start using the Wii... perhaps i will look into taking some sort of class again...

and lastly, i will need to start tracking food again and since i never canceled my WW etools - i'll probably go back (and there's an iPhone app as well)... i haven't done the plan 100% since moving-in with eric and will need to stick to my guns if i want to succeed... yes, it was easier when it was just me and i could control what i ate, but that doesn't mean i can't do it now... i just have to WANT too...


here's to planning and to a healthier and happier 2010...

happy hump day!

maybe i'll call-in sick

ugh, i have to go back to work tomorrow and i'm not looking forward to it... wish i had taken this week off as well, but since my boss is out and other coworkers - there wasn't much choice... let's just hope it's quiet and not too busy... at least it won't be a long day - i have a foot doctor appt. in the morning so i'll be going in late... yay! :-)

we had a nice, quiet christmas here at home - unfortunately, both of my big presents are still "in-route" so i only had a few things to open... one of which was this redskins ski-cap (too bad they lost horrendously last night to the cowboys)... i also got a book and some chocolate, no complaints! on saturday, we had 11 family members here for dinner - it was crowded but food and drink were flowing and everyone had a good time... the fridge is FULL of leftovers so we'll be eating well for days! just wish there wasn't so many sweets still around - i seem to go to those first! :-(

i had my endocrinologist appt. today - he did a quick exam and then decided to do a full blood workup so he can see exactly what type of blood-clotting dissorder i have (there are many strains, including a few new ones)... i go back in two weeks and he'll go through everything in detail... my ob/gyn recommended i go see this doctor since there could be many health risks once i become pregnant... i will have to give myself daily shots of a "thinner" so clots don't form and the embryo stays attached to the uterus - scary stuff...

speaking of scary - the nurse made me step on the scale and it was a number i haven't seen in years! seriously! this "who cares" attitude has to stop so i'll be back at the gym tomorrow and restarting WW once i get reorganized and resettled after the holidays...

hope you all had a wonderful holiday! :)

happy monday....

T'was the night before Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone... :-)

Eric and I will be heading out to church with mom later this evening, and then we'll be home all day tomorrow with the kitties... We are hosting dinner on Saturday and I have much to do (though we are getting help from honeybaked ham and turkey)... Presents are wrapped but there's cookies to bake and cleaning to do - maybe I'll start on those tomorrow...

I've had a few good days off, though the news from my sonogram was not good... The tumor has come back in my right foot, but times two - so it's back to the foot doctor on Tuesday to see what the next step will be... The radiologist said one of the "spots" could be a mass of scar tissue so we'll see what happens...

As for eating and exercise, both have been crap and I can really feel it... I know that one of my presents from Eric is a Ninendo Wii, so I'm really looking forward to using it... For those that have one - what games/activities do you like?

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, be safe, and remember to be thankful... I know I am! :)

i can't find my car

it has been snowing here since last night - almost 24 hours straight... as of about an hour ago, the ruler in our backyard said 18" which is crazy - DC hasn't had snow like this in years! it's broken records, left and right, and will continue to do so until tomorrow when it finally stops... we have decided to not start shoveling until then so for now, we'll be staying indoors and letting nature take its course... :)

yesterday was my last day at work until the 29th... i hit the MVA, bright and early, and got my new driver's license which took less than 40 minutes! wow! after that - i hit target, kohl's, the grocery store, baja fresh, the mall, and target one more time (but a different one)... i was able to finish most of my shopping, but still have a few small things to pick-up this week - so glad i was home before rush hour and before the snow started... last night - i disassembled my centerpieces and washed the mason jars,  next will be going thru the lanterns and linens to see what i can resell... :)

eric and i watched the movie "9" today - very interesting... might watch 'the davinci code" and "angels and demons" later - tomorrow, it's football... yay! can't wait to make chicken noodle soup... :)

hope everyone is having a great weekend... :)

happy saturday...

why can't it be thursday?

happy hump day!

i'm so glad i only have 1 more day and then it's vacation time til after christmas... i still won't have used-up all my time, but the majority of it will be taken at least (i think)... so far the only plans i have made are: 2 doctors appointments, getting a new driver's license, opening a joint-checking account, and lunch with some old coworkers... i also plan on getting my christmas cards done, baking some cookies, finishing my shopping, and getting some R&R sans being sick... am feeling much better, thankfully, and hope to stay cold-free for the rest of the winter! :-)

i found two more really cute blogs today:

yesterday was our company holiday party - it was in-house this year when in the past, we generally go to a local hotel... to save money, they had decorated outside one our large conference rooms and had tables upon tables of sweet things like cookies, brownies, cheesecake, pudding, etc... there was only ONE bowl of fruit and a few pieces of cheese with some crackers... seriously?! that's all your giving us?! makes me so mad that they chose unhealthy over healthy when it comes to things like this... after the party, we went to grab a drink around the corner then went to another bar to celebrate someone's bday... it was fun but then it got late and i had to get home (which is a nightmare w/metro after 9:00)... my design-coworker found out that someone stole a bunch of cash from her wallet at the bar - we had thrown all our crap down on some couches and never went back until it was time to leave... so stupid! i had a bunch of cash and a blank check in mine, but luckily - nothing was taken... lesson learned! :-p

i went to the gym on monday, but not yesterday and plan on going today as well... it's been incredibly hard to get back into the swing of things esp. after the wedding, thanksgiving, and being sick... i have lost all my mojo - must be that time of year! ;-)

on a good note: the photographer has been sending me batches of wedding photos and i have to say, i think i look pretty good... yea, i hate the way my arms look but considering i didn't lose any weight beforehand, they came out really well... as soon as i go thru them all, i'll share some on here... :-)

happy wednesday...

drugs are good

the antibiotics are working, i think anyway - am feeling MUCH better and more like myself (doctor gave me levaquin)... so much so, that i had the energy to write our wedding thank-you's last night (while listening to christmas music, via pandora, on my iphone)... and speaking of christmas - those cards will get done this weekend, as well as some shopping and football-watching since last sunday i was busy with mom... it's always good to have at least ONE day to do nothing... :)

so how incredible was the 'biggest loser' on tuesday? i knew danny was going to win and thought he looked amazing (and about 20-years younger)... and am i the only one that thought rebecca looked a tad creepy with the shorter, blonde hair? that's what eric said anyway, but she looked incredible and totally deserved the $100k... wonder how next season will be, it's back to the couple-thing again...

eric and i have been catching-up with some movies lately - we watched 'district 9' and 'terminator salvation'... i have to say 'district 9' was pretty cool, though nothing like i was expecting, and i really liked the news-focused storyline...

food/exercise have been okay (food) and nonexistent (exercise) since i've been sick... watching the total-gym demo, on qvc, made me wish i had a house that was big enough to have my own gym... then i would never have an excuse to skip a workout... :)

happy thursday...

Just me and the kitties

So I called the doctor and was told he was booked for the day, then was asked a bunch of questions, and told they would call-in an RX for me... Let's just hope the antibiotics help because I'm really tired of feeling like crap...

Question: How annoying is Kathy Lee Gifford? Time for the food network...

Happy Tuesday

And she's out

This cold has been kicking my ass for almost two weeks and after emailing a friend about some of my symptoms, she goes "maybe you have a sinus infection"... That might explain the pain I've been having and lack of energy... I keep pretending that I'm okay but the cough is still here too, so its Time to call the doctor... :-(

On a good note, we got our tree on Saturday (as it was snowing) and got that up yesterday along with lights on the house... Inside was done as well so at least I feel like I acomplished something this weekend... And so far, only one cat has attempted to drink out of the tree stand and climb the tree (before being decorated)... Ugh...

Been ordering some things for Eric and after buying some new kitchen curtains on Sat, I didn't like them when I put them up... I hate when that happens... So I found some nicer ones at jcpenny.com and will return the ones from target... *sigh*

Have I mentioned that our basement is full of wedding stuff? I need to take apart all the centerpieces and go thru the linens and lanterns to resell... What a job that will be... :-(

Well, I should go and get some rest... Will see what the doc says tomorrow...

Happy Monday

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Happy Holidays!


i'm SO glad it's friday... besides being my first week back, this cold is taking F O R E V E R to go away and it's not made me a happy camper... hopefully by the time monday rolls around though, i'll be feeling more like myself so i'm going to try and be optimistic... :)

speaking of optimistic - i REALLY wish my right foot would stop hurting! the cortisone shot that i got right before the wedding didn't help, so i've made another appt. and will ask to have an MRI so we can figure out what's wrong... it's been very painful and the shoes that used to be okay to wear, aren't so much these days and that's not good... hard to believe that it's been almost 10 years since i've had a normal, pain-free foot... :(

i am determined to start decorating for christmas this weekend - eric isn't so into the whole thing and could care less about getting a tree... last night he said, "don't you have a skinny, fake one we can use?" and i replied, "yea, but i want a real one, don't you?" his family, from what i've seen, isn't very big on holidays or decorating, but my mom was and still is... i just think it's nice to make the house look pretty and smell good too, plus - it's only for a month so why not?! so, either tomorrow or sunday i'll be dragging him out of the house so we can buy a tree... just not sure where it's going to go just yet... ;)

i started to do some shopping online, but for the life of me - can't figure out what i want this year... i told eric that i already got what i wanted this year (a ring AND a wedding) so i'm not sure what to ask for... for those of you that have been dating a while and/or are married - any suggestions? i have an ipod and an iphone... hmm...

well, that's all i have for today... hope everyone has a great weekend - stay warm! might snow here tomorrow... :(

happy friday...


i'd like to start sharing blogs/products again, so here are some that i found last night (thank you, real simple)... please check'em out and who knows, maybe you'll win something... :)



thought it was time to make this blog a bit more festive... not like i don't have better things to do, but hey - it's that time of year! yee haa! i'm SO excited to have an actual house to decorate this year (instead of my old apartment), so the possibilities are endless! i wanted to get a tree this past weekend, but since i was sick and we had other things going on - looks like it will be this weekend instead... of course i have no idea where we're going to put it, but don't worry - i can find a place for anything... :)

i went to the gym today - first time in like 2 weeks! crazy! since i can't breathe that well, i was still able to get 40 minutes-in on the treadmill (incline) and then did some sit-ups... eric keeps talking about joining the gym so once he's back on his feet (i gave him the cold that i'm still trying to get over), we'll go and see how it works... i haven't stepped on the scale in over a month so who knows what i'm going to see... :(

while on 'vacation', i took the time to upgrade my iphone and get some new apps... i can see how people spend hours and hours (and money) on apps because they are endless! i've only bought one so far (scrabble) and seem to have good luck with the free ones... these are some of the new ones i downloaded, but feel free to suggest ones that you might have too... :)

  • doodle buddy -> can draw and add frames around pictures
  • ps mobile -> similiar to photoshop with different filters and color options
  • scramble -> a word game (like boggle)
  • short covers -> book program (free and purchased)
  • crop for free -> allows you to crop images on your phone
  • ringtones lite -> lots of free ones and easy to download
well, i need to run and pick-up some nyquil on the way home... yea, yea - i'm such the good wife... ;)

happy tuesday...