And she's out

This cold has been kicking my ass for almost two weeks and after emailing a friend about some of my symptoms, she goes "maybe you have a sinus infection"... That might explain the pain I've been having and lack of energy... I keep pretending that I'm okay but the cough is still here too, so its Time to call the doctor... :-(

On a good note, we got our tree on Saturday (as it was snowing) and got that up yesterday along with lights on the house... Inside was done as well so at least I feel like I acomplished something this weekend... And so far, only one cat has attempted to drink out of the tree stand and climb the tree (before being decorated)... Ugh...

Been ordering some things for Eric and after buying some new kitchen curtains on Sat, I didn't like them when I put them up... I hate when that happens... So I found some nicer ones at and will return the ones from target... *sigh*

Have I mentioned that our basement is full of wedding stuff? I need to take apart all the centerpieces and go thru the linens and lanterns to resell... What a job that will be... :-(

Well, I should go and get some rest... Will see what the doc says tomorrow...

Happy Monday

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Happy Holidays!

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