thought it was time to make this blog a bit more festive... not like i don't have better things to do, but hey - it's that time of year! yee haa! i'm SO excited to have an actual house to decorate this year (instead of my old apartment), so the possibilities are endless! i wanted to get a tree this past weekend, but since i was sick and we had other things going on - looks like it will be this weekend instead... of course i have no idea where we're going to put it, but don't worry - i can find a place for anything... :)

i went to the gym today - first time in like 2 weeks! crazy! since i can't breathe that well, i was still able to get 40 minutes-in on the treadmill (incline) and then did some sit-ups... eric keeps talking about joining the gym so once he's back on his feet (i gave him the cold that i'm still trying to get over), we'll go and see how it works... i haven't stepped on the scale in over a month so who knows what i'm going to see... :(

while on 'vacation', i took the time to upgrade my iphone and get some new apps... i can see how people spend hours and hours (and money) on apps because they are endless! i've only bought one so far (scrabble) and seem to have good luck with the free ones... these are some of the new ones i downloaded, but feel free to suggest ones that you might have too... :)

  • doodle buddy -> can draw and add frames around pictures
  • ps mobile -> similiar to photoshop with different filters and color options
  • scramble -> a word game (like boggle)
  • short covers -> book program (free and purchased)
  • crop for free -> allows you to crop images on your phone
  • ringtones lite -> lots of free ones and easy to download
well, i need to run and pick-up some nyquil on the way home... yea, yea - i'm such the good wife... ;)

happy tuesday...

Jodi  – (1:04 PM)  

love the new look to the blog! (how do you get such cool headers!?) and for the record I have iphone envy... i wish I ould get one but i would have to have santa not only get me the phone AND the plan but also a cell tower so I could get reception! lol
Happy Holidays Jodi!

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