i can't find my car

it has been snowing here since last night - almost 24 hours straight... as of about an hour ago, the ruler in our backyard said 18" which is crazy - DC hasn't had snow like this in years! it's broken records, left and right, and will continue to do so until tomorrow when it finally stops... we have decided to not start shoveling until then so for now, we'll be staying indoors and letting nature take its course... :)

yesterday was my last day at work until the 29th... i hit the MVA, bright and early, and got my new driver's license which took less than 40 minutes! wow! after that - i hit target, kohl's, the grocery store, baja fresh, the mall, and target one more time (but a different one)... i was able to finish most of my shopping, but still have a few small things to pick-up this week - so glad i was home before rush hour and before the snow started... last night - i disassembled my centerpieces and washed the mason jars,  next will be going thru the lanterns and linens to see what i can resell... :)

eric and i watched the movie "9" today - very interesting... might watch 'the davinci code" and "angels and demons" later - tomorrow, it's football... yay! can't wait to make chicken noodle soup... :)

hope everyone is having a great weekend... :)

happy saturday...

Vickie  – (8:31 AM)  

A girlfriend (her daughter got married, yes I am in the mother of the bride, rather than the bride category. . .) was able to sell everything together as a 'wedding package'. So that is something to consider.

It has been snowing here too. Not as much as you have. My oldest and youngest (almost 20 and almost 12) were out playing in it yesterday for a long time. It is the really good packing kind - perfect for snowmen and snowballs.

You must be feeling a lot better.

You might already know this and that is why you hit the second Target - their computers can scan an item and tell you who else has it (customer service desk) - another location or Target on Line. VERY handy.

Jodi  – (8:51 AM)  

We have almost no snow ... but cold we have waaaay too much of! (we have hit -48*C already this year!!) I love the snow for Christms but then it can leave!
Have you read the DaVinci Code books? I have them all and I bought the newest one "the Lost Symbol" hope they make a movie of it as it was a great read too!
I sold my left over wedding stuff to a wedding planner.
Happy Christmas Jodi

Teresa  – (10:35 AM)  

Glad you made it home safe and sound before the storm hit. Sounds very familar, unlike Washington it snows like that all the time here. Enjoy your white Christmas. All the best this holiday season and a very Happy New Year. Keep warm.

Vickie  – (11:32 AM)  

Merry Christmas!!!

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