why can't it be thursday?

happy hump day!

i'm so glad i only have 1 more day and then it's vacation time til after christmas... i still won't have used-up all my time, but the majority of it will be taken at least (i think)... so far the only plans i have made are: 2 doctors appointments, getting a new driver's license, opening a joint-checking account, and lunch with some old coworkers... i also plan on getting my christmas cards done, baking some cookies, finishing my shopping, and getting some R&R sans being sick... am feeling much better, thankfully, and hope to stay cold-free for the rest of the winter! :-)

i found two more really cute blogs today:

yesterday was our company holiday party - it was in-house this year when in the past, we generally go to a local hotel... to save money, they had decorated outside one our large conference rooms and had tables upon tables of sweet things like cookies, brownies, cheesecake, pudding, etc... there was only ONE bowl of fruit and a few pieces of cheese with some crackers... seriously?! that's all your giving us?! makes me so mad that they chose unhealthy over healthy when it comes to things like this... after the party, we went to grab a drink around the corner then went to another bar to celebrate someone's bday... it was fun but then it got late and i had to get home (which is a nightmare w/metro after 9:00)... my design-coworker found out that someone stole a bunch of cash from her wallet at the bar - we had thrown all our crap down on some couches and never went back until it was time to leave... so stupid! i had a bunch of cash and a blank check in mine, but luckily - nothing was taken... lesson learned! :-p

i went to the gym on monday, but not yesterday and plan on going today as well... it's been incredibly hard to get back into the swing of things esp. after the wedding, thanksgiving, and being sick... i have lost all my mojo - must be that time of year! ;-)

on a good note: the photographer has been sending me batches of wedding photos and i have to say, i think i look pretty good... yea, i hate the way my arms look but considering i didn't lose any weight beforehand, they came out really well... as soon as i go thru them all, i'll share some on here... :-)

happy wednesday...

Tricia  – (6:15 PM)  

Hope you enjoy your break!

Vickie  – (10:21 AM)  

still not thrilled with my own arms and that is right where my eyes go when I look at pics - so try hard to look at the whole image and not fixate - can't wait to see your pix - the one on your side bar is very cute.

extremely hard to get back in the groove - I was out of my routine for nearly 3 weeks with some level of walking pnemonia and then got back in it and then was out for another week with my lower back and had to restart VERY slowly. As of yesterday I am back to 100% just in time for studio/classes to be closed part of next week and then part of the week after that. If it isn't one thing, it is another. . .

Teresa  – (11:37 AM)  

Hope your last day at the office is a breeze. Enjoy your time off. Too bad your office party did not have more to offer. Thank goodness you did get anything pinched from the bar. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Everyone seems very busy these days, so much to do so little time. Have fun getting everything ready for Christmas. All the best.

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