drugs are good

the antibiotics are working, i think anyway - am feeling MUCH better and more like myself (doctor gave me levaquin)... so much so, that i had the energy to write our wedding thank-you's last night (while listening to christmas music, via pandora, on my iphone)... and speaking of christmas - those cards will get done this weekend, as well as some shopping and football-watching since last sunday i was busy with mom... it's always good to have at least ONE day to do nothing... :)

so how incredible was the 'biggest loser' on tuesday? i knew danny was going to win and thought he looked amazing (and about 20-years younger)... and am i the only one that thought rebecca looked a tad creepy with the shorter, blonde hair? that's what eric said anyway, but she looked incredible and totally deserved the $100k... wonder how next season will be, it's back to the couple-thing again...

eric and i have been catching-up with some movies lately - we watched 'district 9' and 'terminator salvation'... i have to say 'district 9' was pretty cool, though nothing like i was expecting, and i really liked the news-focused storyline...

food/exercise have been okay (food) and nonexistent (exercise) since i've been sick... watching the total-gym demo, on qvc, made me wish i had a house that was big enough to have my own gym... then i would never have an excuse to skip a workout... :)

happy thursday...

Rebecca  – (1:50 PM)  

she seriously looked like Peter Pan!

Fatinah  – (4:44 PM)  

I didn't like her hair cut or colour at all.

Danny on the other hand - holy noodle - I clapped when I saw him I was so excited for him!

Can I just say - I hate that they call it Couples when it's really just putting people in pairs.

totegirl  – (4:59 PM)  

Ha! You really got my attention with that title! Glad you are feeling better!

I want that tread-climber knock off. Don't know what it's called, but it's SO PRETTY! I don't want the total gym, but I do want a bowflex. My apartment is less than 400 square feet, so yeah. That's a big no to both!

Anonymous –   – (5:06 PM)  

Rebecca and Tracey both creeped me out. My favorite has always been Rudy and I am sad he didn't win. My GOD, he's handsome. I thought he was cute when he was fat too though, heh.

Vickie  – (11:20 AM)  

Tracy did totally creep us out - her hair looked as if she was very under nurished.

But when I looked at her numbers and the fact that she is short - she really wasn't under weight. I think part of it was her dress was ill chosen and she really needed a hair cut.

Rebecca looked toned to me. And did NOT look sick or underweight. but, her height and weight are very similar to mine. so maybe that is part of it - I am just used to looking at that size, build. in regard to her hair - we commented that it was so odd as she didn't even remotely look like herself. I would have LOVED that cut with her previous dark hair. because it was a really great style. but the blond/white was just too phoney. to me (at age 48) she just looked silly/young and like she was probably going to go through a really wild, rebellious streak.

since they didn't say a word about her and Daniel - I wondered if that was even still going on - ?

I was glad about Danny. I think that he was a class act all the way through. And I think that he was not a power house (like the men sometimes are that lose a lot) and that it was good to have a 'soft' kind of guy do that well. I am very interested to know what happened to his belly skin - because he had a LOT of it.

And it was interesting that Rebecca would NOT have beaten Danny nor Rudy - (I think) their percentages were higher (loss).

Teresa  – (1:09 PM)  

Glad to hear you are on the mend. Have a lovely weekend.

Vickie  – (12:56 PM)  

better this week?

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