Just me and the kitties

So I called the doctor and was told he was booked for the day, then was asked a bunch of questions, and told they would call-in an RX for me... Let's just hope the antibiotics help because I'm really tired of feeling like crap...

Question: How annoying is Kathy Lee Gifford? Time for the food network...

Happy Tuesday

Vickie  – (11:38 AM)  

until Lynn (Lynn's Weigh) was on that show (100 lbs weight loss club) I didn't know Kathy Lee as back on TV. And yes, she is still pretty hard to take. But I did notice that she really limited what she said about her own family/life.

hope your meds kick in and you feel better soon. (It took 15 days of meds before I felt like 100% again.)

Teresa  – (1:07 PM)  

Sorry to hear you're still not well. Hope the meds and the kitty get you back on your feet. Take care.

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