happy friday! thought this week would never end, but there's still much to do before tomorrow's party... i spent the better part of last night cleaning the basement and doing laundry... tonight, i'll need to do some grocery shopping and then clean the dining room since that's where the food will be setup... tomorrow - there's much to do in the backyard/patio area, but that will be eric's job and i will be stuck in the house cleaning and making food... a few friends have offered to bring something, so i don't have to worry about EVERYthing, but still - when you host a party, you want to make sure all the bases are covered... and ontop of all this - 2 of eric's siblings are coming from pittsburgh - perhaps i'll give them a job since they're family... either way - i know it will be a good time and the weather is looking fantastic (mid-80s)... yay! =)

yesterday was my 28-week check-up as well as my glucose test - it really wasn't that bad (taste) but the nurse, as usual, had a hard time finding my veins... seems they are "deep and thin", she said - just like my mom... the little guy was really kicking during the sonogram and at one point - he kicked so hard, it made the wand move off my belly and the nurse laughed and laughed... everything looked good, she said, and according to my doc - i'm measuring well and i didn't get yelled at for gaining 3 pounds since the last time... between my scale and their scale - there's a 2-3 difference, so my numbers below are from home... not ideal, but i think i'm doing good... perhaps if i was exercising more, but that's another story... :(

weight-update: 192.6
total pregnancy gain so far: 21.8 pounds
how many weeks along: 28

i've updated my pic in the sidebar and also took one from the front... the women in the cafe downstairs at work couldn't believe i was due in october... one of them is expecting in september and she's huge - guess i'm looking small to them (yay!)... eric, on the otherhand, was shocked when i told him what my weight was - he really has no idea when it comes to stuff like this... ;)

anyway, i hope you all have a nice weekend... :)

yes, we are spoiled

we were working in the backyard last night when i thought i heard the a/c unit running... i was like, "hey, i think our power is back on" and i was right... yay! they said 11:30 but beat that time by a few hours, so good job, pepco... unfortunately, many in the area are still without power and might not get it back until this weekend - we are SO SO SO very lucky... =)

so instead of enjoying the a/c - we spent the next few hours in the backyard weeding and then trimming a tree... eric noticed a branch that had split during the storm and the next thing you know - he's got the chainsaw-on-a-stick and limbs are falling everywhere... we were still bundling and cleaning-up in the dark - so much for making progress in the kitchen... it WAS nice to come in though, take a shower, and relax in the cooled-off house... and last night's sleep - perfect! didn't wake-up once! =)

oh, and before all this happened - i tripped and fell walking home again... same spot as before and i scraped the same, goddamn knee... i really need to walk on the other sidewalk because apparently - that one is not level or something... i cried for a while (because i've turned into a weeping baby) and then eric bandaged me up and i was good to go... =)

today - it's off to the dermatologist, then to home depot, then to target, and then home... tomorrow morning - i have the glucose test, a sonogram, and my check-up... hope everything goes well...

happy hump day...

thought we were done w/camping

our power has been out since sunday around 4:00 - some major storm came thru during the afternoon and we've been suffering ever since... they say it may have been a tornado, but who knows... there are limbs down everywhere which has caused streets to be closed, traffic lights to stop working, and major power-outtages... we're doing okay, considering - eric managed to find some dry ice yesterday but unless the power comes back today, we may be out of luck... i could care less about the fridge in the kitchen - it's the stuff in our chest freezer that i'd hate to see spoil... stuff like meat from his parent's farm, berries that i've been picking this summer, the top to our wedding cake... still, things could be worse and i'm just thankful that it hasn't been hot like it was on thursday, friday, and saturday - just unbearable... anyway, here is the most recent map i could find - we live in the red area and they have no idea when power will be restored... =(

UPDATE: i called the hotline and they said power could be restored by 11:30 tonight (fingers-crossed)... and thanks for the concern, but it really hasn't been that bad/hot in the house - we've had multiple people offer us to stay their houses, so i think we're okay... plus, we have the kitties to take care of and if they can manage - we can too! =)

so besides all this excitement - our weekend was rather busy with house/kitchen stuff (story of my life, as of late)... i finished painting the trim and we swapped-out all the hinges, handles, and knobs on the cabinets... and thanks to mom - we spent a few hours cleaning/polishing them and boy do they look great! almost brand-new! eric finished grouting the tiles that he fixed and once we do the sealant tonight, that's it... well - i still have SOME work to do (putting things back to where they belong) but overall - the kitchen is done... i also got my haircut (very short, aka Pink) and bought party supplies for this saturday... on sunday, we worked on the front and side flowerbeds and started on the backyard, but didn't make it far since it was too hot... i hate that we let the beds get so overgrown, but there just hasn't been time to keep-up... such is life...

yesterday was eric's 40th bday, but because we went to dinner on sunday and the power was out - we opted to stay home... instead of celebrating - we spent the better part of last night weeding the rest of the flowerbeds in the backyard... tonight, we'll finish what we missed and then tackle the garden which looks horrendous... since we have a covered patio in the backyard, that is where most of the party-activities will be held (hence why we're doing so much yardwork)... we also have a new patio set that has to be put together, maybe that will happen tomorrow or thursday... eric will be doing an upgrage overnight on friday (for work) so i need to get as much done, with his help, as possible before then... i'm not too worried about getting the house ready or decorating because that's what i'm good at... ha, that's what i say now anyway... =)

so that's pretty much what i've been up too... haven't been to the gym in a few days but will try today - work has been crazy and today has been the first day things are normal... hate when that happens...

happy tuesday...

ready for fall & football

thought i should drop-by before the weekend comes & goes... everything is just a blur right now and i'm hoping once this kitchen is done and eric's bday party is over (next saturday), i can start focusing on "me" stuff again... it's been VERY hot and humid here - today over 100 and same for tomorrow, if not hotter... good thing i have a lot of projects to keep me busy... =)

vacation was okay - i can't say it was great or perfect because it was hot and buggy and i was pretty miserable... i never used to mind the heat but since becoming pregnant, this summer has been hard... we usually go camping later in the year so even if it's warm during the day, it will cool-off at night - not the case this time around... trying to sleep in the back of a truck, with no breeze, is just not my idea of fun (and neither was getting up to pee!)... i finally reached my limit on monday and had a meltdown on the beach... we were huddled under the umbrella and it was so hot, that i felt like i was suffocating... and because the bugs were bad, i was wrapped-up and that just made things worse... i knew there was nothing eric or i could do, but i just had it and cried for a good 10-minutes... thankfully, it was a bit better on tuesday but since we had to pack-up and leave around 2:00 - i dealt w/the bugs one more time... it was bittersweet leaving since it was the last time it would be just us... next time, the rugrat will be with us and i can't wait to start making new memories as a family... =)

pregnancy update: i've been feeling bigger, that's for sure, and my ankles started swelling yesterday (or maybe i just haven't been noticing)... i'm sure it's the heat, but i've been trying to drink more water which is still such an issue for me (i know, i know)... the little guy has been moving a lot and it's not just at night anymore - there are plenty of times when i'm sitting here and all of a sudden i'll just feel "something" move down there... i've also been getting side-cramps when i walk - again, i'm guessing this is normal?

kitchen update: we found more loose tile/grout this week so eric replaced 3 of them yesterday (i told him IF have to redo the whole floor, i want wood next time)... the new granite counters were put in on wednesday and they look awesome - i couldn't be happier (finally, something that went right!)... last night, i finished the painting the walls and just need to do the window trim... slowly but surly, it's beginning to look like a new kitchen - shelves, pictures, etc. will go back up next week and then it will be done! yay! =)

can't think of much else... we have a busy morning tomorrow and then i'm off to get my haircut and buy party supplies... since it's going to be so hot - i want to get everything done early and then stay inside for the rest of the day... we MAY venture out and catch "predators" but that all depends on how much we get done - an early evening break may be just what we need...

hope you have a great weekend... =)

wishing it was 5:00

it's been a rather long few days and i'm counting the hours until this day is over because then my vacation can begin... eric and i are heading to the beach for a few days and it couldn't come at a better time... between the renovations and all the problems that we've had - getting away and being unplugged is just what we need... i have been so worn-out (emotionally and physically) that i can't wait to just lay on the beach (under the umbrella) and sleep... and read... and look for seashells... and have s'mores every night by the fire... and did i mention, sleep? =)

the kitchen floor is pretty much done - after the guy finished the grout this weekend, i found 2 loose tiles on sunday night... he fixed them on monday and so far, so good, but we won't be moving any appliances back until next week (so it has more time to settle)... i also painted 1.5 walls a nice, warm yellow and already - it's beginning to feel like a new kitchen... i enjoy painting and though eric has offered to help, i keep declining because i feel like this is the one thing i can control right now... if i mess-up, then it's my fault and no one else's... sick huh... and the bathroom - well, that's pretty much done too... on saturday, i did 2 coats of paint on the wainscoting and the doors, and eric hung the new mirror on sunday... looks fabulous (pics to come)... =)

not much else has been going on - haven't been to the gym in a few days, but am hoping to go for some walks while at the beach... i had a dentist appt. yesterday and when she saw me, she gave me a hug and congratulated me... my mom had stole my thunder a few weeks back and told them i was expecting - that woman just can't keep her mouth shut! ha, just kidding... after that, i met my mom and we picked some blueberries and then it was back home to paint trim in the kitchen and get more things together for our trip... much to do tonight and i'm keeping my fingers-crossed that i don't have to stay late (a few projects are behind schedule, but not on my account)...

have a great week! =)


a lot of progress was made on the kitchen floor yesterday, but there's still much to be done - grout, sealant, and trim all the way around... we thought that we had a home depot-free night, but that wasn't the case... the grout we ordered with the tile, wasn't enough, and it would've cost a fortune to get another container... so off to HD we went, which meant picking a new color - who would've though that there were 30 colors of grout? i stuck with something neutral (not white and not black) and think it will look pretty good... the cats have been exploring and laying on the floor - my guess is the tile is nice and cool... anyway, to be continued... =)

i promise to post pics of the bathroom (i didn't have any good "pre" shots on my iphone)...

as for this weekend, we have much to do and since we leave for the beach on thursday - we have to go thru all our camping gear and see what we need to still get... i got the bathroom mirror yesterday so hopefully we can put that up and once the doors are painted, i will consider that project done! the kitchen floor should be done by sunday (hopefully) and that will have to be cleaned and put back together before we leave as well (appliances must be in-place for the new countertop which will be installed on the 21st)... then the kitchen will have to be painted... and then we'll be done with project #2... *whew* =)

i have a to-do list that's about a mile long, but will spare you from the details... tonight is "date-night" and we'll be going to maggianno's which is this great restaurant in chevy chase (italian) and come hell or high water - no house stuff will be involved... i'd also like to go see 'predators' at some point, but we'll see where that falls on the list... oh - i have to paint the baker's rack for the kitchen too... so much for my list not getting any shorter... =(

have a great weekend, everyone...

what time is it

yesterday was rough - i can't really blame it on one thing though having to wait an hour and 20 minutes to see my OB didn't help... this guy is known for running late, but it still makes me angry esp. when it was a 10:00 appointment... who runs THAT behind, THAT early in the day? anyway - my sonogram went well (cervix check) and i was told that i have to do the glucose test in 3-weeks... SO looking forward to that! and then starting shortly thereafter - i will have weekly check-ups so they can monitor the baby and make sure no clots are forming anywhere... talk about a pain in the ass, but it's all part of the process (for me anyway)... this morning was my monthly bloodwork and everything looks good there too - can't complain... i snapped a new pic and will update monthly in the sidebar... =)

my whole day was ruined after that appointment and some things at work weren't going well either, so i had a meltdown at my desk and cried for about 10-minutes... i hate being late and i hate feeling like i'm not pulling my weight around here (even though i know i am)... just one of those things... i was tired and just wanted to go home, but made it til 5:00...

on the way home - we picked-up the kitchen tile, then met w/the guy at the house to discuss details, then hopped back in the truck to meet a friend and pick-up something he was giving us to use for the project... then it was back to lowes (after grabbing dinner at chipotle) and we were home after 10:00... i was exhausted and fell asleep in record-time...

today has been much better, thank-god... i'm wearing a cute, new dress and enjoyed a light coffee frappuccino on the way in (so did the baby_... lets just hope the rest of the day continues on this pleasant note... =)

happy thursday...

i need a nap

i want my 3-day weekend back WITHOUT working the whole time... man, i am tired and there's no end in sight until we leave for the beach next thursday... and yes, it was my idea to get all this "house" stuff done before eric's 40th bday AND before the baby, but jesus - this is exhausting... i told eric that my goal is to have nothing to do in september besides plan for the new edition (though i'm sure things will come up)... =)

i will try and keep things short and sweet, since you're all probably sick of hearing about the damn bathroom (me too)... on friday night - i discovered a crack in the brand new sink and had another meltdown... i am pretty sure that i would've noticed it after they installed it, but i can't be 100% sure... eric, being the wonderful hubby that he is, ran next door to talk to the guy that does kitchen/bathrooms and asked if would help us swap out sinks, if we got another one on saturday... the guy said, "sure" and by saturday afternoon - things were back to normal and the bad sink was returned to home depot...

on saturday morning - we went to pick-out our granite slab which was fun... i had gotten 3 prices for black and ended up liking the one in person, that i had liked online (shocking)... i brought one of our cabinet doors to make sure and the tiny specs of brown will look nice... after that - we looked at their tile and got some prices before heading to another place where i found something i loved even more AND it was cheaper! the guy let us bring home the sample tile and when i layed it on our existing floor - i knew it was the right choice (see pic below)... the paint color i had also chosen will pull everything together nicely - so excited! =)

on sunday - we were super busy as well... i had told eric that we should paint the front/back screen doors since the house was painted... that was a chore, but i'm glad we did because now everything looks brand-new! i also cleaned the bathroom from the ceiling to floor and we were finally able to enjoy it that night - incredible! if anyone is looking for a new shower head, i can recommend a great one! for dinner - we tried grilled pizza (thanks to alton brown) and then watched the DC fireworks, on tv, in bed... =)

yesterday was probably busier than sat/sun... we put up the screen doors and then my job was to finish cleaning the house which meant wiping down everything and anything close to the bathroom... i also vacuumed all the furniture and cleaned the hardwood floors - it's so nice to be dust-free again! i also started tackling the kitchen since the guy will start this week, and that involves removing everything that's on the floor - fridge, stove, baker's rack, table, and chairs... just saying that makes me even more tired... in between all the house stuff - eric has been trying to finish putting the harley back together and last night he finished the bags so we took it out and had some dinner... after we got back, i said, "it was too hot, i was very uncomfortable in the seat, and am more paranoid than i used to be"... not sure how much longer i could fit anyway so i told him that any time he wants to go out, please do - no need to ask me... =)

the last pic is of a mocha frappe that i made yesterday... we are addicted to the ones from mcdonald's so i made my own and they came out really good (and were way-less fattening too!)...

happy tuesday...

ready for the weekend

it's friday and i'm staring at a 3-day weekend - what could be better? oh yea, maybe having our bathroom finished would be nice (hopefully that will be today)... it's been a long and agrivating week - first it's one thing, then it's something else... last night, the guy was installing the tub/shower door wrong so eric got pretty upset... then as they were doing it - i thought to myself, "wow, that looks shorter than our other one"... and it is by 3 inches... but we'll live with it for now, though i'm not sure how long is long since it will bother me... also, our old mirror is a tad too large to fit over the sink and next to the cabinet, so that's my next purchase though finding something other than a standard size is going to be challenging... i may just need to go to a hardware store, have them cut a mirror, and then buy a frame-kit (totally doable)... besides painting the rest of the trim, hanging the towel racks, and sealing the grout - i think that's it (for him anyway)... i will need to find a new window valance and possibly a new rug since the one we were using is on the small-side... just another excuse for me to go to homegoods and tjmaxx tonight... yay! =)

weight-update: i'm back down to 185.8 (down a pound from last week)... lets just hope i can keep things steady until my next OB appointment which is on wednesday... this whole "2-pounds a month" thing is really haunting me...

total pregnancy gain so far: 15 pounds

how many weeks along: 24

the weather in DC has been incredible this week - low 60s at night and low 80s during the day... i may just need to go for a walk outside again today... and spin class will be tomorrow morning at 8:00... =)

weekend plans: pick-out our granite, have our existing counters measured, find tile for the kitchen, decide on a paint color, find a bathroom mirror, paint some spots on the DR wall that eric fixed, clean, laundry, grocery shop, and hopefully - go for a ride on the harley... eric just about has it put back together and it's looking pretty spiffy... the tins are all painted and the chrome has been polished - can't wait... =)

hope you guys have a wonderful and safe 4th of july...