wishing it was 5:00

it's been a rather long few days and i'm counting the hours until this day is over because then my vacation can begin... eric and i are heading to the beach for a few days and it couldn't come at a better time... between the renovations and all the problems that we've had - getting away and being unplugged is just what we need... i have been so worn-out (emotionally and physically) that i can't wait to just lay on the beach (under the umbrella) and sleep... and read... and look for seashells... and have s'mores every night by the fire... and did i mention, sleep? =)

the kitchen floor is pretty much done - after the guy finished the grout this weekend, i found 2 loose tiles on sunday night... he fixed them on monday and so far, so good, but we won't be moving any appliances back until next week (so it has more time to settle)... i also painted 1.5 walls a nice, warm yellow and already - it's beginning to feel like a new kitchen... i enjoy painting and though eric has offered to help, i keep declining because i feel like this is the one thing i can control right now... if i mess-up, then it's my fault and no one else's... sick huh... and the bathroom - well, that's pretty much done too... on saturday, i did 2 coats of paint on the wainscoting and the doors, and eric hung the new mirror on sunday... looks fabulous (pics to come)... =)

not much else has been going on - haven't been to the gym in a few days, but am hoping to go for some walks while at the beach... i had a dentist appt. yesterday and when she saw me, she gave me a hug and congratulated me... my mom had stole my thunder a few weeks back and told them i was expecting - that woman just can't keep her mouth shut! ha, just kidding... after that, i met my mom and we picked some blueberries and then it was back home to paint trim in the kitchen and get more things together for our trip... much to do tonight and i'm keeping my fingers-crossed that i don't have to stay late (a few projects are behind schedule, but not on my account)...

have a great week! =)

Teresa  – (2:20 PM)  

Have a wonderful vacation. You deserve a nice relaxing break. Take care. Hope the sun shines nice and strong for you.

Vickie  – (7:17 AM)  

We have built two houses - so I totally understand about the stress of remodeling (x1000).

hope you have a great vacation!

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