i need a nap

i want my 3-day weekend back WITHOUT working the whole time... man, i am tired and there's no end in sight until we leave for the beach next thursday... and yes, it was my idea to get all this "house" stuff done before eric's 40th bday AND before the baby, but jesus - this is exhausting... i told eric that my goal is to have nothing to do in september besides plan for the new edition (though i'm sure things will come up)... =)

i will try and keep things short and sweet, since you're all probably sick of hearing about the damn bathroom (me too)... on friday night - i discovered a crack in the brand new sink and had another meltdown... i am pretty sure that i would've noticed it after they installed it, but i can't be 100% sure... eric, being the wonderful hubby that he is, ran next door to talk to the guy that does kitchen/bathrooms and asked if would help us swap out sinks, if we got another one on saturday... the guy said, "sure" and by saturday afternoon - things were back to normal and the bad sink was returned to home depot...

on saturday morning - we went to pick-out our granite slab which was fun... i had gotten 3 prices for black and ended up liking the one in person, that i had liked online (shocking)... i brought one of our cabinet doors to make sure and the tiny specs of brown will look nice... after that - we looked at their tile and got some prices before heading to another place where i found something i loved even more AND it was cheaper! the guy let us bring home the sample tile and when i layed it on our existing floor - i knew it was the right choice (see pic below)... the paint color i had also chosen will pull everything together nicely - so excited! =)

on sunday - we were super busy as well... i had told eric that we should paint the front/back screen doors since the house was painted... that was a chore, but i'm glad we did because now everything looks brand-new! i also cleaned the bathroom from the ceiling to floor and we were finally able to enjoy it that night - incredible! if anyone is looking for a new shower head, i can recommend a great one! for dinner - we tried grilled pizza (thanks to alton brown) and then watched the DC fireworks, on tv, in bed... =)

yesterday was probably busier than sat/sun... we put up the screen doors and then my job was to finish cleaning the house which meant wiping down everything and anything close to the bathroom... i also vacuumed all the furniture and cleaned the hardwood floors - it's so nice to be dust-free again! i also started tackling the kitchen since the guy will start this week, and that involves removing everything that's on the floor - fridge, stove, baker's rack, table, and chairs... just saying that makes me even more tired... in between all the house stuff - eric has been trying to finish putting the harley back together and last night he finished the bags so we took it out and had some dinner... after we got back, i said, "it was too hot, i was very uncomfortable in the seat, and am more paranoid than i used to be"... not sure how much longer i could fit anyway so i told him that any time he wants to go out, please do - no need to ask me... =)

the last pic is of a mocha frappe that i made yesterday... we are addicted to the ones from mcdonald's so i made my own and they came out really good (and were way-less fattening too!)...

happy tuesday...

Megilon  – (4:40 PM)  

This is the shower head we got for our bathroom and I love it! And the nice part is it works with low water pressure.
Waterpik® Aqua Fall™ Combo Shower Head at Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Teresa  – (1:40 PM)  

I'd like a weekend redo as well. Glad to hear your bathroon came together. Can't wait to see pictures of all your hard work. In the mean time don't work too hard. Have a great holiday.

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