ready for the weekend

it's friday and i'm staring at a 3-day weekend - what could be better? oh yea, maybe having our bathroom finished would be nice (hopefully that will be today)... it's been a long and agrivating week - first it's one thing, then it's something else... last night, the guy was installing the tub/shower door wrong so eric got pretty upset... then as they were doing it - i thought to myself, "wow, that looks shorter than our other one"... and it is by 3 inches... but we'll live with it for now, though i'm not sure how long is long since it will bother me... also, our old mirror is a tad too large to fit over the sink and next to the cabinet, so that's my next purchase though finding something other than a standard size is going to be challenging... i may just need to go to a hardware store, have them cut a mirror, and then buy a frame-kit (totally doable)... besides painting the rest of the trim, hanging the towel racks, and sealing the grout - i think that's it (for him anyway)... i will need to find a new window valance and possibly a new rug since the one we were using is on the small-side... just another excuse for me to go to homegoods and tjmaxx tonight... yay! =)

weight-update: i'm back down to 185.8 (down a pound from last week)... lets just hope i can keep things steady until my next OB appointment which is on wednesday... this whole "2-pounds a month" thing is really haunting me...

total pregnancy gain so far: 15 pounds

how many weeks along: 24

the weather in DC has been incredible this week - low 60s at night and low 80s during the day... i may just need to go for a walk outside again today... and spin class will be tomorrow morning at 8:00... =)

weekend plans: pick-out our granite, have our existing counters measured, find tile for the kitchen, decide on a paint color, find a bathroom mirror, paint some spots on the DR wall that eric fixed, clean, laundry, grocery shop, and hopefully - go for a ride on the harley... eric just about has it put back together and it's looking pretty spiffy... the tins are all painted and the chrome has been polished - can't wait... =)

hope you guys have a wonderful and safe 4th of july...

Vickie  – (7:29 AM)  

we needed slim-ish mirrors also and I got oval - tricks the eye - but still have the right length.

Teresa  – (11:03 AM)  

Hope you worked out the kinks with the renovations. There's always bound to be some kind of hick ups along the way. Hopefully you've got your bathroom back by now. It hot as heck here too. Keep well.

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