yes, we are spoiled

we were working in the backyard last night when i thought i heard the a/c unit running... i was like, "hey, i think our power is back on" and i was right... yay! they said 11:30 but beat that time by a few hours, so good job, pepco... unfortunately, many in the area are still without power and might not get it back until this weekend - we are SO SO SO very lucky... =)

so instead of enjoying the a/c - we spent the next few hours in the backyard weeding and then trimming a tree... eric noticed a branch that had split during the storm and the next thing you know - he's got the chainsaw-on-a-stick and limbs are falling everywhere... we were still bundling and cleaning-up in the dark - so much for making progress in the kitchen... it WAS nice to come in though, take a shower, and relax in the cooled-off house... and last night's sleep - perfect! didn't wake-up once! =)

oh, and before all this happened - i tripped and fell walking home again... same spot as before and i scraped the same, goddamn knee... i really need to walk on the other sidewalk because apparently - that one is not level or something... i cried for a while (because i've turned into a weeping baby) and then eric bandaged me up and i was good to go... =)

today - it's off to the dermatologist, then to home depot, then to target, and then home... tomorrow morning - i have the glucose test, a sonogram, and my check-up... hope everything goes well...

happy hump day...

Teresa  – (12:26 PM)  

Ouch sorry about the fall, please be careful. Good luck with all the tests. Glad to hear you've got your power back on.

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