thought we were done w/camping

our power has been out since sunday around 4:00 - some major storm came thru during the afternoon and we've been suffering ever since... they say it may have been a tornado, but who knows... there are limbs down everywhere which has caused streets to be closed, traffic lights to stop working, and major power-outtages... we're doing okay, considering - eric managed to find some dry ice yesterday but unless the power comes back today, we may be out of luck... i could care less about the fridge in the kitchen - it's the stuff in our chest freezer that i'd hate to see spoil... stuff like meat from his parent's farm, berries that i've been picking this summer, the top to our wedding cake... still, things could be worse and i'm just thankful that it hasn't been hot like it was on thursday, friday, and saturday - just unbearable... anyway, here is the most recent map i could find - we live in the red area and they have no idea when power will be restored... =(

UPDATE: i called the hotline and they said power could be restored by 11:30 tonight (fingers-crossed)... and thanks for the concern, but it really hasn't been that bad/hot in the house - we've had multiple people offer us to stay their houses, so i think we're okay... plus, we have the kitties to take care of and if they can manage - we can too! =)

so besides all this excitement - our weekend was rather busy with house/kitchen stuff (story of my life, as of late)... i finished painting the trim and we swapped-out all the hinges, handles, and knobs on the cabinets... and thanks to mom - we spent a few hours cleaning/polishing them and boy do they look great! almost brand-new! eric finished grouting the tiles that he fixed and once we do the sealant tonight, that's it... well - i still have SOME work to do (putting things back to where they belong) but overall - the kitchen is done... i also got my haircut (very short, aka Pink) and bought party supplies for this saturday... on sunday, we worked on the front and side flowerbeds and started on the backyard, but didn't make it far since it was too hot... i hate that we let the beds get so overgrown, but there just hasn't been time to keep-up... such is life...

yesterday was eric's 40th bday, but because we went to dinner on sunday and the power was out - we opted to stay home... instead of celebrating - we spent the better part of last night weeding the rest of the flowerbeds in the backyard... tonight, we'll finish what we missed and then tackle the garden which looks horrendous... since we have a covered patio in the backyard, that is where most of the party-activities will be held (hence why we're doing so much yardwork)... we also have a new patio set that has to be put together, maybe that will happen tomorrow or thursday... eric will be doing an upgrage overnight on friday (for work) so i need to get as much done, with his help, as possible before then... i'm not too worried about getting the house ready or decorating because that's what i'm good at... ha, that's what i say now anyway... =)

so that's pretty much what i've been up too... haven't been to the gym in a few days but will try today - work has been crazy and today has been the first day things are normal... hate when that happens...

happy tuesday...

Vickie  – (1:25 PM)  

do you at least have air conditioning at work? I assume if there was no power at work - you would not be there - ?

If it gets too terrible (home) just go to a hotel (if there are any rooms to be had). It is not worth making yourself feel sick over the heat. and I know you had a rough time camping (when it was the real camping, at least you have a bed this time).

Megilon  – (2:49 PM)  

We went through a long power outage last first it isn't so bad. Then it gets annoying. I hope your power comes back soon!! I agree with Vickie a hotel might not be so bad at least for a night or two.

Teresa  – (10:54 AM)  

The same thing happened to us a couple of years back. What a pain! Hope you get your power restored soon. Take care.

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