what time is it

yesterday was rough - i can't really blame it on one thing though having to wait an hour and 20 minutes to see my OB didn't help... this guy is known for running late, but it still makes me angry esp. when it was a 10:00 appointment... who runs THAT behind, THAT early in the day? anyway - my sonogram went well (cervix check) and i was told that i have to do the glucose test in 3-weeks... SO looking forward to that! and then starting shortly thereafter - i will have weekly check-ups so they can monitor the baby and make sure no clots are forming anywhere... talk about a pain in the ass, but it's all part of the process (for me anyway)... this morning was my monthly bloodwork and everything looks good there too - can't complain... i snapped a new pic and will update monthly in the sidebar... =)

my whole day was ruined after that appointment and some things at work weren't going well either, so i had a meltdown at my desk and cried for about 10-minutes... i hate being late and i hate feeling like i'm not pulling my weight around here (even though i know i am)... just one of those things... i was tired and just wanted to go home, but made it til 5:00...

on the way home - we picked-up the kitchen tile, then met w/the guy at the house to discuss details, then hopped back in the truck to meet a friend and pick-up something he was giving us to use for the project... then it was back to lowes (after grabbing dinner at chipotle) and we were home after 10:00... i was exhausted and fell asleep in record-time...

today has been much better, thank-god... i'm wearing a cute, new dress and enjoyed a light coffee frappuccino on the way in (so did the baby_... lets just hope the rest of the day continues on this pleasant note... =)

happy thursday...

Vickie  – (8:35 AM)  

how quickly can you get to the doctor's office? because I had one like that and the office would let me call in to find out his lateness and then I would come in accordingly. So if he wasn't actually going to see me until after 11am for a 10am appointment, I would come in at 11am and only wait 15 minutes instead of 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you are a long distance from doctor - it won't work - but if you are just a few minutes - and they will cooperate - it might.

JODI  – (8:57 AM)  

unfortunately, i had a sonogram at 9:30 so i had to be at the office anyway... and with morning traffic - i'm about 30-45 mins away... =(

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