happy friday! thought this week would never end, but there's still much to do before tomorrow's party... i spent the better part of last night cleaning the basement and doing laundry... tonight, i'll need to do some grocery shopping and then clean the dining room since that's where the food will be setup... tomorrow - there's much to do in the backyard/patio area, but that will be eric's job and i will be stuck in the house cleaning and making food... a few friends have offered to bring something, so i don't have to worry about EVERYthing, but still - when you host a party, you want to make sure all the bases are covered... and ontop of all this - 2 of eric's siblings are coming from pittsburgh - perhaps i'll give them a job since they're family... either way - i know it will be a good time and the weather is looking fantastic (mid-80s)... yay! =)

yesterday was my 28-week check-up as well as my glucose test - it really wasn't that bad (taste) but the nurse, as usual, had a hard time finding my veins... seems they are "deep and thin", she said - just like my mom... the little guy was really kicking during the sonogram and at one point - he kicked so hard, it made the wand move off my belly and the nurse laughed and laughed... everything looked good, she said, and according to my doc - i'm measuring well and i didn't get yelled at for gaining 3 pounds since the last time... between my scale and their scale - there's a 2-3 difference, so my numbers below are from home... not ideal, but i think i'm doing good... perhaps if i was exercising more, but that's another story... :(

weight-update: 192.6
total pregnancy gain so far: 21.8 pounds
how many weeks along: 28

i've updated my pic in the sidebar and also took one from the front... the women in the cafe downstairs at work couldn't believe i was due in october... one of them is expecting in september and she's huge - guess i'm looking small to them (yay!)... eric, on the otherhand, was shocked when i told him what my weight was - he really has no idea when it comes to stuff like this... ;)

anyway, i hope you all have a nice weekend... :)

Kim  – (5:09 PM)  

You look adorable Jodi! :)

Kim L  – (11:38 PM)  

I'm pretty out of the loop. You look great! Congratulations to you and Eric on your pregnancy! That's so exciting!

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