i made it

i'm happy to say that july went-out with a bang - the party was a success, everyone had a good time, and i didn't have a meltdown (amazing!)... eric had to go back into work friday night for a system upgrade, so i took advantage of being home alone and made him a carrot cake (from scratch) as well as got most of the food ready... some of my friends brought dishes as well and we had just enough, thank-god - i hate running-out or having way too much leftover... 2 of his siblings came from pittsburgh, as well as my brother and mom, and the last of the guests left around 11:30... all in all, it was a great time... =)

sunday, was THE most perfect day i've had in months... we did absolute nothing besides watch some movies (kick-ass and hot tub time machine) and i did a few loads of laundry... party clean-up was a breeze since i did most of the kitchen/dining room stuff on saturday night, so we were just left with taking down the tiki decorations, gathering the trash & recycling, and putting away what alcohol was leftover (not much)... i cannot TELL you how nice it was just to lay on the couch and do nothing... not having a project to work-on, or errand to run, or something to clean was priceless! =)

and speaking of kitchen, here are the before/after shots that i promised (still owe you the bathroom ones, sorry)... enjoy! =)

Teresa  – (10:13 AM)  

I like the finished product. Kitchen gets the thumbs up. Congrats on pulling off the party. Glad it went so well. Looking good take care and get some well deserved rest (if possible).

sharla  – (1:00 AM)  

Love the changes!
The valance reminds me of a Vera print.

Your Sunday sounds very relaxing

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