so what do you think of emma watson's new cut? personally i love it, but i am biased since i've had short hair since college... one would have to believe she is thrilled to NOT have the hermione granger hair any longer... ;)

i received my jean-lounge pants yesterday - eric said to me, "you will be forbidden to wear those in public after you have the baby"... they are very comfy and will be perfect for around the house and for when my belly gets bigger... :)

speaking of belly - my weekly appt. went well... the glucose results were perfect, he said, and same for my measurements and weight... i will be starting non-stress tests/monitoring soon so that should be interesting... i also spoke to the doctor about the whole cord blood issue - he basically said that if you can afford it - it's better to have it and not need it... he gave me brochures on two companies so eric and i will be sitting down this weekend and making our decision... research has also been started on daycare which i should've started-on months ago (i know, i know)... i would never think of asking my mom and would feel more comfortable with an in-home environment over a 'center' type of place... out of the 3 places i've contacted so far - 1 doesn't have an opening, 1 has a 12-18 month waiting list, and 1 isn't open past 5:30... okay then... :(

plans for the weekend - we need to start clearing-out eric's office so i can finally begin the nursery... i've spent the last few hours redebating my furniture color since i got the new IKEA catalog yesterday and really like one of their dressers (see pic)... unfortunately - chocolate brown is one of the colors in my bedding so i don't think it would look right with black furniture... guess i should stick with my original plan and just order everything in expresso... /sigh/

we also may try and see 'inception'... i really wanted to see 'predators' but waited too long and it's not showing in our area anymore... oh well... and besides the usual cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry - sat/sun should be pretty nice... just what i need... :)

hope everyone has a nice weekend! =)

Teresa  – (11:22 AM)  
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Teresa  – (11:23 AM)  

Glad to hear all is going well with the pregnancy. Hope you had a good weekend. I have that exact same dresser in DD room. Good choice.

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