it's always something, i swear... there was a huge storm that passed-through the DC yesterday - actually 1 in the morning and then 1 more in the evening - and it rained so hard and so fast, that our window wells filled-up and flooded our basement... i was looking out the window and told eric, "wow, it's like a river on the side of our house" and he goes, "maybe i should check downstairs"... not 2 minutes later, i was grabbing every towel i could find as water literally poured down the wall, under both windows... this is the same wall where i had just moved 2 of my bookshelves this past weekend, as well as the wall where my desk/computer live... if we hadn't been home, things could've been much worse so for that - i am very thankful... eric's gotten a lot of the water up via a dry-vac and fans, but the carpet is stained in some places... that will be our project tomorrow - renting a carpet cleaner, which really needed to be done anyway... so much for making progress on the nursery... :(

besides the flood - i also had my OB appt. yesterday - everything went as well as can be expected, but i learned that because i'm on lovenox, i will be induced at 39-weeks... apparently, this is pretty common but i need to do more research and find-out if it's really necessary or if it's more of a safety issue in-case i have to have a c-section... i've read some things online today where many women said they didn't have any problems being induced, or were switched to heparin closer to delivery since that wears-off much quicker... i asked what happens if i go into labor before i'm induced and she said i just wouldn't be able to have an epidural (because i could bleed-out)... either way - we're looking at the weekend of october 11... holy cow, people - that's like 9 WEEKS AWAY!!!

today i had my weekly sonogram and eric tagged-along since it was at a different office and their equipment is much better... we were able to see the baby's face more clearly (kind of freaky, actually) as well as his private-parts, which he shows-off at every chance he can get... the tech also pointed out hair/fuzz on his head which i find funny since both of us are blonde and i was expecting the baby to be bald (or look that way anyway)... measurements were fine and she said i was looking more like 31-weeks and he's almost 4 pounds already... then she added, "babies usually gain 1/2 pound a week" and i hope that's not true or i'm going to have an 8+ baby... holy crap!

weekend plans will be to get the basement back in order and do some shopping for a LR chair... and maybe take a ride with eric (if i can fit my belly on the bike)... oh, and tonight i'll be watching the skins vs. the bills pre-season football game - i cannot WAIT for the season to start... :)

have a great weekend!

CaroLyn  – (5:48 PM)  

Emily was 9lb 4oz, and it's really quite possible to deliver 10+. Also, I know of loads of new moms who were given estimates based on ultrasounds that were waaaay off - like three pounds wrong. So don't freak out. :D

I can't remember where, but I've read that lower rates of SIDS are associated with babies who sleep in the same room as mom - not necessarily the same bed, but the same room. So not having a nursery ready could be just fine! Especially when they're little, they naturally wake up about every hour and a half, and it's so much easier, in my opinion, to take care of them if they're right there, rather than down the hall. Obviously, it's entirely up to you, I just wanted to throw that out there for you, as it sounds like you're anxious about a nursery.

Emily is over a year, and her "room" is still full of boxes and all the dangerous stuff! We had her sleeping in a pack and play by our bed in DC for the first two months. After her two month vaccines, she slept very fitfully, so we starting sleeping with her in bed. That was a godsend in terms of making breastfeeding overnight so much easier. Since we've moved, we've bought a foamy that we've got on the floor by our bed. She is sleeping there, and I can go lie down with her to comfort her as needed through the night (plus, yes, more adult time in the big bed and hooray for that!).

Thanks so much for the nice comments on my blog a bit back. I'm making plans on how to get things improving and feeling better now.

Teresa  – (12:10 PM)  

Sorry to hear about you run in with Mother Nature. Its been crazy weather here too. Tons of rain.

Glad to hear all is well with baby. Times passes very quickly enjoy the remainder of your pregancy. All the best.

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