a lot of progress was made on the kitchen floor yesterday, but there's still much to be done - grout, sealant, and trim all the way around... we thought that we had a home depot-free night, but that wasn't the case... the grout we ordered with the tile, wasn't enough, and it would've cost a fortune to get another container... so off to HD we went, which meant picking a new color - who would've though that there were 30 colors of grout? i stuck with something neutral (not white and not black) and think it will look pretty good... the cats have been exploring and laying on the floor - my guess is the tile is nice and cool... anyway, to be continued... =)

i promise to post pics of the bathroom (i didn't have any good "pre" shots on my iphone)...

as for this weekend, we have much to do and since we leave for the beach on thursday - we have to go thru all our camping gear and see what we need to still get... i got the bathroom mirror yesterday so hopefully we can put that up and once the doors are painted, i will consider that project done! the kitchen floor should be done by sunday (hopefully) and that will have to be cleaned and put back together before we leave as well (appliances must be in-place for the new countertop which will be installed on the 21st)... then the kitchen will have to be painted... and then we'll be done with project #2... *whew* =)

i have a to-do list that's about a mile long, but will spare you from the details... tonight is "date-night" and we'll be going to maggianno's which is this great restaurant in chevy chase (italian) and come hell or high water - no house stuff will be involved... i'd also like to go see 'predators' at some point, but we'll see where that falls on the list... oh - i have to paint the baker's rack for the kitchen too... so much for my list not getting any shorter... =(

have a great weekend, everyone...

Teresa  – (1:11 PM)  

Remember to find some time to relax along the way. Floor looks good. Take care have a good weekend.

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