s it was back to work today, even though i didn't feel like going... i've been sick since last tuesday - started with a sore throat and gradually moved into a bad head-cold with lots of coughing... thank GOD we didn't go on a honeymoon right away because i would've been miserable the whole time (bad enough i wasn't 100% over thanksgiving!)... as for when that will be - probably after my company's annual meeting, which is may 5-7, 2010... and where will we go? france and germany for sure, but we need to sit down and figure out how much time we have and where we'd like to go... :)

hard to believe that the wedding was only a week ago - seems much longer for some reason... people are still baffled at how we managed to pull something off, in about 3 months - i can't take ALL the credit though i should probably take 99.9%... if it wasn't for my mom, matron-of-honor, and coordinator at the Inn - it wouldn't have been possible (but being super organized AND a designer helped tremendously)... in all honesty - i can't tell you one thing that went wrong the whole day... my last-minute manicure was perfect, the weather was gorgeous, the flowers were beautiful, no one got into an argument, the photographer arrived early, i cried during the ceremony but not enough to mess-up my makeup, no one knew that i was in severe foot pain (cortizone shot didn't help), reception was awesome, food was very tasty, music was fun, booze was over-flowing, and all our friends & family had a great time... we couldn't have asked for anything better and am SO happy to be married to eric... :)

still can't believe i'm married though, seems so weird... i've officially changed my name to jodi megan weakland, and will soon be getting all my new credit cards and SS card in the mail... i've ordered new checks and labels, just need to get cracking on the passport... and magazine subscriptions... ;)

i won't have the real photos for another few days, but have collected a few from friends and family and thought i'd share... enjoy! :)

happy monday...

Rebecca  – (2:02 PM)  

you look gorgeous jodi!!

so glad to have you back!

Anonymous –   – (4:52 PM)  

Yayayayay, congratulations! You look so damned beautiful. :)

Vickie  – (7:01 AM)  

congrats! loved the pics.

Watching and Weighting  – (11:51 AM)  

ohmygosh! you're soooooooooooooo beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!! looks like an amazing day - what stunning pics! Glad you're back!!!

Liz x

Ana Daniela  – (12:59 PM)  

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JD  – (10:32 PM)  

Congratulations... Your pictures look gorgeous!

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