good excuse

yea, so i'm getting married next week and i haven't had time to do anything BUT that... geesh! between ordering supplies for the reception, calling/emailing/texting the coordinator at the Inn, dealing with what/how much alcohol we need, finalizing the estimate, designing programs, menus, and favor jar-labels, putting together centerpieces, getting the rings, figuring out music, and ordering more beef (organice, grass-fed)... i'm sure i'm missing more, but that's the bulk of what i've been dealing with this week... more details can be found here... :-)

i've been going to the gym everyday, so that's been good - just trying to maintain at this point... i haven't lost my appetite either so maybe that will happen next week (one can hope, right)... i'll be at work until wednesday and then i'll be off until after thanksgiving... we're looking forward to going to state college this year too because a lot of eric's family, that can't make it to the wedding, will be there... i wouldn't be surprised if they top 100 people this year - crazy! :-)

let's see, what else... i'm getting my hair cut, colored, and highlighted tomorrow - will try and remember to take before/after shots... i'm also having a make-up test, to see how it will look for next week - i haven't had my make-up done since HS so this should be fun... again, i'll try and take before/after shots... also have a ton of wedding stuff to do... :-)

in between all the wedding stuff - eric and i managed to go to pittsburgh for a nice, long weekend... the weather was great (sunny and in the 70s) and i can only hope it will be like that next week (though i checked the weather and it says showers! no!)... we had to pick-up the beef for the reception, but also got to hang-out w/his parents and nephews... even went to see 'where the wild things are' and it was excellent (never read the book!)... everyone is excited about the wedding too, so it was nice to hang with the future in-laws...

well, that's all i got... i have some more lists i need to make and sort, but will do my best to update at least one more time before the wedding...

have a great weekend! :-)

Future Me  – (5:15 PM)  

Yay wedding! Congrats, hope you are enjoying every minute. Can't wait to hear about it. :)

Fitzalan  – (7:54 AM)  

Wow--you sound really organized and put together one week before your wedding! Now hopefully the ball will continue rolling without incident!
happiness awaits

Lynn Haraldson-Bering  – (8:05 PM)  

Wishing you the BEST wedding and the BEST weather! Can't wait to read your blog report next week...or whenever you get back from the wedding high :)

Teresa  – (11:14 AM)  

Have a wonderful wedding celebration. All the best to you and your hubby. Hope things run smooth as silk and its a nice sunny day.

Jodi  – (1:58 PM)  

I hope you have a wonderful week this week and next week too! Best wishes for your future in married life!

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