not used to being called "mrs."

after 4 years, 10 months, and 7 days - eric and i finally tied the knot this weekend... it was THE most wonderful day of my life and would do it all over again if i could (and maybe beat my 4-month planning record!)... we are incredibly happy, but exhausted and i promise to post more pics as i get them (will have official ones next week)... thank you for all the well-wishes and i promise to get back to blogging again soon... :)

Chris H  – (9:56 PM)  

CONGRATULATIONS 'MRS'... you deserve it.

spunkysuzi  – (11:48 PM)  

Congratulations and here's to many more years!

alea  – (1:26 AM)  


Me  – (4:54 AM)  

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! You look such a beautiful bride.

Sarah  – (5:37 AM)  

Best of luck to you both! Jodie, you look stunning and Eric looks so handsome. Enjoy your honeymoon!

Vickie  – (6:19 AM)  

congrats - great pic!!!

marie  – (7:52 AM)  



Blossom  – (9:17 AM)  

Congratulations! You both look great, and happy!

Rebecca  – (9:30 AM)  

you do look like a gorgeous bride!!

totegirl  – (10:11 AM)  

Jodi!!! Congrats, you beautiful blushing bride!

Camevil  – (12:28 PM)  

Welcome to the dark side!

Megilon  – (1:15 PM)  

Congrats!!! You both look stunning!

Pinky  – (1:25 PM)  

Awww! You look so pretty and both of you look so happy. Congratulations!!!

Teresa  – (2:17 PM)  

You look lovely! Congratulations.

Lauren  – (2:55 PM)  

You look gorgeous! As a woman not yet engaged to my amazing boyfriend of 5 years, I certainly relate with your story!

Best wishes on your life together!!

Fatinah  – (8:28 PM)  

you look beautiful and happy! congrats!

Jodi  – (9:50 AM)  

Congratulations Jodi (and Eric)you look fabulous!!! Can't wait to see more pics!

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