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our plans changed last night but we still had a yummy dinner at bombay bistro - i had a samosa, garlic naan, and chicken nilgiri khorma (tender pieces of chicken cooked with cilantro and spiced up green masala)... it was very tasty and i only ate half so i can have the rest for dinner tonight - mmm mmm... because the movie didn't start til 9:40, we decided it would make a late evening and plan on seeing it over the weekend instead (matinee = cheaper tickets)... we watched two episodes of 'creature comforts' which is the most hilarious show ever on CBS (tuesday nights at 8:00) - its clay animation and uses human voices and the bodies of various animals... its just very funny so if you need a good laugh, check it out... :o)

i normally don't comment much on commercials but i saw one this morning that disturbed me - it was for kellogg's special k with berries (my fav cereal, by the way)... it showed this very thin girl, getting ready for work, and her stomach was growling - the voice over said, "don't try to lose weight by starving yourself, have a healthy breakfast instead"... she couldn't have been more than a size 4/6 and nowhere near overweight or needing to lose weight... and i know it happens all the time on tv and in magazines but this is the first time i really paid attention and was bothered by it... let me know if any of you see it over the weekend and tell me what you think...

anyhoo, i didn't post my top 5 last week so let me do that now - enjoy!

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—are you craving something in particular? if so, check out why here
—how much do you know about the sunscreen you're using?
—if you're looking for a workout partner, check out girls gotta move
—what's your fitness horoscope?

i hope you all have a glorious weekend and enjoy the outdoors! :o)

iportion  – (5:30 PM)  

mmmmmm the bistro sounds yum

TrixieBelden  – (10:21 PM)  

I totally know what you are talking about with that Kellogg's commercial. I thought the same thing, but I haven't mentioned it to anyone yet. It really disturbs me because she is way too thin (I'm thinking more like a 2/4) to need to lose weight. Unfortunately they are preaching to a lot of thin women who want to lose weight. It sends such a bad message. Food companies have a responsibility to send out realistic messages to the public. Kellogg's spends butt loads of money on advertising and that message is reaching millions of women. It's sad.

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