6 days and counting

i hope this week goes by fast because i'm SO ready for vacation - only 6 more days and i'll be sitting in my beach chair, drinking beer, and watching the porpoises play in the ocean... the first year, we saw a ton of horseshoe crabs and last year, 2 guys caught a stingray so who knows what will happen this year... eric and i made a good dent in getting things ready and the pile in the dining room is growing - there's so much to pack since you basically have to take everything with you (they DO supply a picnic table)... i cleaned and vacuumed out the truck which lead to washing it, and that lead to washing the other cars... and we all know what happened after that, right? it rained... :op

my girlfriend and i decided on greek for her bday dinner last night... i had a nice salad with fresh, feta cheese and then had shrimp with tomatoes, pine nuts, raisins, and onions - it was really good... we opted NOT to get dessert but what happens? the waiter brings us these tiny cups with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream and some sort of cherry stuff on top - it was really sweet but i ate it anyway... :o)

exercise was good this weekend - i made it to spinning on saturday and then picked blueberries with my mom... the bushes were loaded so i'm definitely going back this weekend to get more for our camping trip... food was also pretty good this weekend so i'm hopeful that weigh-in will go well on wednesday... i'd like to lose what i gained last week so i'll keep my fingers crossed... we didn't go to the movies but i'm okay with that because we watched an episode of 'planet earth' instead which is a show i find so utterly amazing... :o)

happy monday...

p.s. some people have asked where we go camping so you can see a map here... and yea, its pretty damn close to the beach - if the campground is quiet at night, you can hear the ocean... :o)

Kate  – (2:13 PM)  

The Blueberries aren't quite in yet here in Michigan, I'm anxiously awaiting them though now that I'm done with strawberries :)

Sounds like a good time camping, where do you guys go? I take it must be somewhere near the ocean!

Good Luck at your WI!

Chris H  – (3:45 PM)  

I hope you have a wonderful camping holiday.... camping is not our thing at all ! Give me the comforts of a proper house any day.. I'm a wuss !

Kim  – (3:54 PM)  

Oh I hope that you have wonderful weather for your vacation! I'm sure that you and Eric will have a blast. :)

Jodi  – (4:27 PM)  

we are on a count down for camping too! We leave next Tuesday! (and if the camp ground is really quiet at night we can hear ... mosquitoes!!!!! lol hey it is Canada y'know!)
Have a great week packing (let me know if I am forgetting anything!!lol)and i hope you have decent weather for it!

k  – (7:06 PM)  

I just went camping this weekend and caught my first fish...fed a cow apples, petted goats and yah, we camped on a farm, LOL. The beach sounds wonderful. Let the count down begin!

iportion  – (10:08 PM)  

My vacation isn't really vacation.
So there laying on a beach.

Greta & Gurdy  – (7:57 AM)  

mmm, vacation sounds fabukous, especially at the beach!! Have a fantastic time. I'm one of those strange people who enjoys the packing part too.....enjoy!

Anne  – (9:11 AM)  

Lucky you!, We just got back from vacation and I want to go again! hahah!
I'm sure the movie is playing in the States, but it's probably a limited release like it is here.

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