legs made of lead

running was hard yesterday considering i skipped a few days but as much as i wanted to stop and just walk the rest - i didn't AND i also made sure to do 3.1 miles... i'm hoping tomorrow's run is a bit easier and that i'll be okay by the time saturday comes around - we're having practice on the actual course so that should be interesting... i still can't believe how fast this training has gone - just yesterday, i was just goofing around saying i wanted to run a 5K and now i'll be doing it in 2 weeks... funny how things just take shape once you set your mind to it... :o)

i got back to my place last night so there was a bunch of mail in my mailbox, including a skirt i had ordered (i need to pick-up the rest of my order today at the rental office)... i was brave and ordered some things in size 10 and was pleasantly surprised to see it fit perfectly! now we'll just see how the other stuff fits tonight - i'm usually a size 12 for pants because of my damn hips/thighs but maybe the running has slimmed me down a size (yay me!)... i'm also planning on meeting my mom tonight at kohl's because i don't have anything that matches the skirt now (ironic, right?)... plus, i wouldn't mind another pair of capris and maybe some shoes so we'll see what i can find - using a gift card is so fun because its like shopping for free... :-o

work has been pretty slow this week and i just found out my boss is out tomorrow, which means it will be a nice, easy day - perfect for friday... a while back, i mentioned that my dept. is going mac-based - well, they've been delivered and once the software is installed, we'll be up and running... i was telling eric that as scared as i am to start using one - i know it will be good experience for me esp. when it comes to job-hunting in the fall... 99.9% of the ads i see online mention macs so i'll be able to finally apply with confidence - people said that it wasn't a big deal but i always felt like i was lying, now i won't have too... :o)

happy thursday...

Sizzle  – (1:27 PM)  

have fun shopping!

Kate  – (1:40 PM)  

Congrats on fitting into a 10, a great NSV!

kelly  – (3:20 PM)  

great job on the size 10 :) that is the best way to finally realize how much weight you've lost!

have a relaxing friday, i love when the boss is out! and thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog, you're the best!

iportion  – (3:44 PM)  

3.1 miles way to go

marie  – (3:47 PM)  

wtg on the size 10!!

Chris H  – (4:21 PM)  

Ahhh shopping, my most favourite pass time.... enjoy your weekend chick.

jen  – (8:31 PM)  

Congrats on going down a size. There's nothing like running for weight loss.

Living to Feel Good  – (11:33 PM)  

I've been a mac user for less than a week, and I am liking it better.

Have a good weekend and great job on the run.

Jodi  – (8:02 AM)  

Hope your shopping was a luck based one! I have a new pr of great shoes and no outfit to go with them maybe i should send them ur way!lol

Congrats on your NSV too! whoo hooo!

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