i am so rockin' WW right now and the scale is rewarding me nicely - it showed a 2.6 pound loss this morning... whoo hooo carrots! gotta love the eTools thing though, it congratulates you and then reminds you that even though you may lose a lot in the beginning, its normal to lose 1 pound or less in the future - what a buzz kill... but seriously, i love the fact that i can still eat my friday bagel & cream cheese, partake in a work potluck, drink wine, and still lose weight... even though i've been down this road before, this is the first time i'm feeling that the program CAN work when i WORK the program... and this can be said w/any program i know, so it just goes to show you that if you stick with something - good results can happen... :o)

running was H A R D last night - we didn't do the track because of some lacrosse meet so we ran on a path instead (1 mile and then 1 mile of intervals - fast/slow)... i thought i was going to die because its not all flat but i finished and i'm so proud of myself... for any of you out there who think they can't run - you can! i am continuously amazed at how far i can push myself each week and for those that run 8-10K, i am envious because i know difficult that must be... maybe i'll get there someday, who knows... ;o)

work is slowing down and the big event happens today/tonight - i'm hoping i don't have to attend but we'll see what my boss says later this afternoon... plan b is bowling w/eric and his friends so i'd rather do that instead - i even picked a healthy, mediterranean place to grab dinner... this week is going to be challenging point-wise because i have a 'cinco de mayo' party on saturday and i know there will be tons of yummy food/drink there - i will just have plan really well for the weekend... i can do it! :o)

i came across this really interesting site a while back and mind you, its not for everyone but if you like reading anonymous letters - check this out... some entries are so depressing and sad but others are quite romantic... :o)

and for you ice cream lovers, baskin-robbins is having a 31-cent scoop night TONIGHT from 5–10pm...

happy hump day...

iportion  – (1:59 PM)  

Congrats with your WI

Greta & Gurdy  – (2:24 PM)  

CONGRATS on the loss!!! This is my 2nd time on WW too and this time its just clicking. I love that I can have all the things I love, just in smaller amounts.

I LOVE trail running. For many years hubby and I stopped all the road running and just rain trails in the woods near our house. Its hard at first but its just so satisfying and beautiful. I miss it (no longer live hear any trails :( )

Anne  – (2:32 PM)  

Yeah! Congrats, you are awesome!
I'm so glad it's working out for you.

John  – (3:21 PM)  


Congrats Darlin.


kelly  – (3:33 PM)  

congrats!! way to go jodi!! :)

i love baskin robbins, i will have to check out the points on rainbow sherbert: my favorite!

you should just use your flex points this weekend. i always save mine for the weekends.

Glossy  – (3:36 PM)  

Brilliant weigh in result!

totegirl  – (3:58 PM)  

Woohoo! Nice job Jodi!

Irie_Key  – (5:07 PM)  

Great job! You're also doing fab with the running. I've got 4 walking days in this week so far - thanks for inspiring me to move.


katieo  – (5:54 PM)  

Jodi, just found your blog via ms. kelly. Love it! You completely remind me of my sister. She's 36, starting weight 165, goal for now is 150. She just joined weight watchers.

I'll be checking here often. congrats on the loss!

Chris H  – (7:10 PM)  

Great loss, and ya for the running, one day maybe I can do it.. but not yet.

Anonymous –   – (7:52 PM)  

Woohoo Carrots to youuuu! You are so rocking that scale lately!

duenneschen  – (10:11 PM)  

yeah lady!!

keep up the great work!

Sizzle  – (10:36 PM)  

congratulations on your loss. it feels better than eating an ice cream cone. but ... a 31 cent one!? ;)

Kim  – (10:41 PM)  

AWESOME!!!! I am thrilled for you! :)

CaRoLyN  – (7:12 AM)  

WOW!!!! Congrats on the BIG loss!!!! Yay you!!!
You have been working so hard, it's nice to see a big reward on the scale.
Keep it up!!!

Kate  – (7:33 AM)  

Congrats on the Weight Loss, it always feels so flipping fantastic when you get on the scale and you see a loss!

WW is great isn't it? I've NEVER been able to follow any diet, but I can follow WW, because like you said, I can eat what I want!

So glad it's working for you, congrats.

mommi  – (8:04 AM)  

THat is so motivational. I have gotten back to the gym and Im doing a version of the run/walk on the treadmill. I am up to walking 5 and running 5, then I walk again and finally the last 5 I run, Im proud to say I push right thru and it feels great after. My goal is to go the whole 25 min running on the treadmill. I have been doing free wieght training as well. So I feel good and also doing WW. It does give back as much as you put in...I haven't been putting in, and now i have this week and have lossed 1 pound this week so far. weigh in is Friday...Im happy I didnt gain..Good Blog you are so great and I love reading it every morning. Your inspirational!!!!!

Anonymous –   – (2:18 PM)  

oh my what a great weight loss, you running queen you. You are so amazing, keep it up. I love coming to yur site because you always have these amazing links that I can't wait to check out, you da bomb girlfriend :)

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