what? its monday already?

i hate mondays esp. the ones after a weekend that i was away - i feel like it went by too quickly and that nothing was accomplished... we didn't get home til after 9 last night and by the time i got back to my place, it was close to 10 then i had to unpack, make my lunch, take a bath, and give some much needed attention to max... our mini-trip was good and i was able to see my dad both days - he's doing as well as can be expected and we were able to sit outside for a bit on saturday and watch the end of the nascar race yesterday... its usually quiet there but because of mother's day, many residents were having visitors - i often wonder how many actually have someone to visit them and if they do, how many remember...

eating was okay this weekend and i'm not expecting a loss this week by any means - i never seem to do well when i'm at my sister's and its no one's fault but my own... i'm back OP today, however, and it feels good... i made a nice salad and added ¼ cup of walnuts this time - they went nicely with the ken's lowfat raspberry and walnut dressing... :o)

for all you harry potter fans, there might be an eighth book by jk rowling... i can't WAIT for the movie this summer - the previews look really good... and i'm also looking forward to the new book... :o)

haagen-dazs is giving away a free scoop of their two new flavors - cinnamon dulce de leche and sticky toffee pudding - tomorrow so for more info, go here...

i'm looking forward to going to the gym today - a good treadmill workout will make me feel less guilty about the weekend... i can't believe i'm already on week #8 of C25K, man how time flies... my run on saturday was noticeable different and harder than last week - it was warmer and more humid so i'm learning just how much a small change in the air can make you feel...

happy monday...

kelly  – (3:44 PM)  

yay! i love harry potter. i'm still on book 6 though, i need to hurry up! these movies come out so fast!

k  – (5:36 PM)  

Mondays and getting back to work will never be a happy thing :o) Yay on an additional HP book. I can't wait for book 7!

iportion  – (6:55 PM)  
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iportion  – (6:55 PM)  

I pre ordered potter from amazon.
I can't wait.
The last book was a bit sad.

CaRoLyN  – (7:08 AM)  

Monday Monday...blah but as my hubby always says, don't wish away Mondays because they make up 1/7 of your life!
Good to hear you are back OP after the weekend. Weekends are hard in general but weekends away...forget it!
Week 8!!! Good for you!

Dee  – (1:59 PM)  

You made my day...I LOVE Harry Potter!

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