what's the plan, stan

i finally came-up with my new routine since tues/thurs are my weight-lifting days... i found some good workouts on this website so if you're looking for some new moves - check it out here (ignore the fact its hydroxycut)... this is my plan that i will be doing 2x week for next 2 months... i usually do abs on the days i do cardio which is mon/weds/fri... :o)

—single leg step-up with dumbbells (5 risers)
—single dumbbell plie squat
—abduction on machine
—adduction on machine
—push ups
—lat pull down with spri (band)
—dumbbell shoulder press
—front dumbbell raises
—single arm row
—barbell bicep curls
—overhead single arm tricep extension

i didn't have to go to the big event last night so eric and i had a nice, mediterranean dinner consisting of fresh hummus, toasted pita, and a yummy salad... when we got to the bowling alley his friend was like, "you guys aren't going to eat here?" and i had to laugh because all they serve is fried food basically... they ordered mozzarella sticks, some kind of egg rolls, french fries, and a grilled samich - if you could see them, they are both very tall and very thin... life is so unfair sometimes... anyway, i drank my tonic water and got some puzzling looks for that as well (because i didn't want any beer) and instead of explaining why - i just said i was saving up my calories for the weekend... as for bowling - i sucked but did manage to get over 100 in the 3rd game and was in the lead til eric decided to roll a few strikes... :o)

work has quieted down again so i'm happy... next week is our big annual meeting which includes a big dinner and a performance by michael cavanaugh of billy joel's broadway hit, movin out... not too shabby... i guess there are a few perks to working here but they're few and far between... :o)

tonight's plan: paint my toenails, watch workout, and CSI... don't be jealous... :op

happy thursday...

kelly  – (4:12 PM)  

workout was a good episode!

let me know how moving out is! i love billy joel :)

PearShapedGirl  – (5:22 PM)  

Sounds like you've developed a pretty good plan for working out. I'm sure you'll see great results. Good plan for not eating at the bowling alley! As delicious as all that pub grub type food is (yes, I'll admit I love it) you really can't find much nutrition among the grease.

Take care,

KL  – (9:42 PM)  

Catching up on your last two posts ... Yay for the 2.6 loss! I'm so excited this is working for you. Keep it up!

I love bowling. I wonder how many activity points you can earn for that.

I have a Cinco de Mayo bridal shower on Saturday during the day also. I'm just going to have to make up for it on Sunday because I have a second date Saturday night as well. That means two meals when I'll have limited choices AND want to drink. Are you more enticed by the Mexican food or the margaritas?

jodi  – (10:47 PM)  

kelly~ workout WAS really good this week, so sad about doug... he was so nice and so very cute... :o(

psg~ i was quite proud of myself at the bowling alley, it was a true test of willpower...

kl~ i think i'm more enticed by the food and am hoping there will be some healthy choices there (my friend is pretty good like that)... i'll probably indulge in a margarita or two and keep track of points (thank you, flex)... :o)

CaRoLyN  – (7:09 AM)  

Good for you for resisting the fried food AND the beer! It's so hard! You are one strong girlie! Life isnt' fair! I wish I was tall and thin and could eat whatever I want!!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Kate  – (8:09 AM)  

Congrats on avoiding the fried food, it's one of my weaknesses! I'm now able to avoid it, but I get pissed off, it's too funny, its like I'm sitting at the table pouting.

Definitely going to check out that workout site, I need to get myself into a light weight lifting routine. Have a great weekend!

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:26 AM)  

It IS annoying to see skinny people eat that kind of food. But remember- skinny does not equal healthy. I kow its still annoying though, lol.

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (9:46 AM)  

that sounds like a good plan for working out! and that's good that you got to have a fun night out!

totegirl  – (10:44 AM)  

Oooh, your Thursday night plan ROCKED!

Is it sad that I like to sit in front of the tv with snacks while I watch workout? Wait, don't answer that!

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