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funny how i thought yesterday's workout was easy - i should've remembered that the soreness comes a day later... holy canoli - my quads and sides are seriously aching today and though it hurts, its worth it because i know my body is being challenged again (no pain, no gain!)... i may not be able to run today but we'll see - i can definitely put some walking in though and be ready for tomorrow morning's run... :o)

i had a NSV last night while trying on some capris i bought from a few weeks ago... they were tight when i got them but instead of returning them, i knew they'd fit eventually (they were a great bargain!)... well, they fit perfectly now and i'm thrilled - its funny but it really helped me 'see' the results of all the hard work i've been doing lately (3¾ inches gone since the beginning of april)... so for those of you that are discouraged that the scale isn't moving, find a piece of clothing that you like and maybe can't fit into anymore and use it as your gauge... you'll be amazed at just how much your body can change after one month of eating right and exercising... :o)

my weekend plans are quite busy: running tomorrow morning, helping eric mulch his flower beds (front and back yard), attend my friend's cinco de mayo party tomorrow night, more yard work on sunday, and then grill-out w/some of his friends sunday night... busy busy... what do you guys have planned?

and as promised, here's my weekly top 5...

—a list of the top 20 (common) foods that are rich in antioxidants
—sarah jessica parker will launch her own clothing line "bitten" in june
—amanda celebrates her 6-month WW anniversary and has lost 36 pounds
—several ways to feel fabulous after your workout
—missed your favorite show/movie, watch them here

have a great weekend everyone... happy friday... :o)

Anonymous –   – (1:17 PM)  

Jodi you are the best, I love your top five, thank you for providing me with endless entertainment, I hope you aren't feeling to sore all day :)

Kate  – (1:37 PM)  

Congrats on the NSV! It's a great feeling to be able to grab clothes that used to be too tight or fit perfect and have them be loose!

marie  – (3:25 PM)  

soon enough those capris won't even fit!!

don't push yourself too hard if you're still sore. my legs always feel like lead after a LBW so i tend to take a day off from running.

have a great weekend!

Kim  – (3:54 PM)  

Jodi!!!! Awesome work on the capri's!! You are a body sculpting animal these days! :)

k  – (5:00 PM)  

Yes, I your top five. Woo to the hoo about your capri pants fitting, way to go! Running was my ticket to being a lean machine...I think that is why at 5'6" and 145 lbs. I could wear a size 4. Not so much anymore, but we won't dwell on that rainbow :o) Hah! Have a great weekend!

Trish  – (6:17 PM)  

Congrats on the NSV! I have done that before (kept clothes that were a bit too small) but normally they seem to just sit in my closet, lol.

~Les  – (6:24 PM)  

Woo hoo with those capris, sister! And yes, sadly, the 3rd day is the WORST after working out!

Hope all is well. I've got lots to catch up on with you!


iportion  – (8:23 PM)  

Have a good weekend


noelle  – (9:36 PM)  

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Love that feeling of wearing clothes that didn't fit a month ago. I've been running around the house all day in my "skinny" jeans...and now they keep falling down! gotta love it!

KL  – (2:02 AM)  

Yay! I'm so glad your pants fit better! I've been trying on clothes a lot lately to see how much work I need in order to fit into certain things.

Chris H  – (3:56 PM)  

Hope your weekend is going as you planned... what am I doing? Today we are flying from here (New Zealand) to Australia for a two week holiday.. woooo hooooo! Beat that one, hee hee he.

CaRoLyN  – (8:20 AM)  

I love fitting into smaller's such an inspiration!!
Hope you had a great weekend!!
Lovin your top 5 too!!

Sonya  – (10:52 AM)  

Yay on those capris, and hope you had an awesome run this weekend!!!!

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