hump day

i did not weigh-in this morning because i was eric's and didn't have my scale - i like to keep things consistent so i'm going to skip this week... i think i did 'okay' this weekend, not terrible but probably not perfect either and that's fine - i knew it would be difficult... we did get a few walks in so that made me happy - eric made an effort to point them out since i talked about here it last week... :o)

the trip overall was good - we met some of eric's friends for breakfast in pittsburgh saturday morning, he had not seen them since college so they had a good time catching-up... the couple met each other in france while he was a student and she was the french-aide - talk about oh la la! they have 2 adorable boys so i enjoyed talking to her about marriage, family, and career-stuff... on the home front - his dad is making great progress with his leg and is able to pivot on the bed to his wheelchair which is awesome... his mom is coping as best she can, since she's his primary caregiver, and i helped-out as much as i could cooking, baking, laundry, picking asparagus, etc.... we got to see the month-old calf but missed the birth of another one yesterday which bummed me out, i think that would be so cool to see... norman's sisters are doing well too and we could definitely see similarities between them now so that was funny...

monday, we met another friend from college for lunch before heading to my sister's for the night - my nieces made a special dessert for us so i how could i say no to ice cream samiches with homemade chocolate chip cookies? for dinner though, we had grilled chicken and fresh asparagus so at least that meal was relatively healthy... yesterday, we spent some time w/my dad before heading back to the city - we did arm/leg therapy and then played a game of fish (eric won and i think he cheated!)... it was good to be home though - there was a lot of driving and it was pretty warm when we got back... the boys were happy to see us so it was nice having a quiet night at home with them... :o)

i haven't run since friday and missed both saturday's and tuesday's practice - i didn't want to have to rush home yesterday so i just skipped it... i can't believe the race is like 3 weeks away but i'll be glad when its over - i won't feel so pressured to run every day, i can just do it when i feel like it... eric has said though he likes the way its making me look so who's complaining... ;o)

happy wednesday...

p.s. i got my bridesmaid dress on friday - it looks really good and i'm happy to say it will have to be taken-in some - i was worried that it would be too tight... :o)

Ro  – (1:09 PM)  

Yay for the cute bridemaids dress. I know you will look beautiful. Make sure you take pics :)

Kim  – (1:22 PM)  

That's cool that the dress needs to be taken in! Yay for you!!

Sounds like a nice visit in 'da burgh. Did Eric go to college here?

Kate  – (2:50 PM)  

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend, and also sounds like you didn't have a bad weekend food wise either, which is always good!

Congrats on the NSV of needing to have the dress taken in thats AWESOME!

Chris H  – (4:11 PM)  

It's all been said... wooo hoooo! Hope you have a neat week.

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (4:30 PM)  

that's awesome that the dress will have to be taken in!!!

kelly  – (5:11 PM)  

i had a "i dont care weekend" and now i'm back on track too!! be sure to post a pic of the bridesmaid dress after you wear, awesome that it has to be taken in :)

Alea  – (5:23 PM)  

I'm sure you'll look GORGEOUS in that bridesmaid dress! Don't forget to take pictures... :)

Thanks for leaving a comment! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep up with everyone... So I'm kind of touched that people are still reading my ramblings. I'm really really looking forward to some extra time for blogging after all my exams are over!!!

Oh, and about the pictures... I might post some tomorrow, because I can't decide on my outfit. Maybe I'll need help from the blogging world with that... :)

Greta & Gurdy  – (7:25 AM)  

Ooo, very exciting about the dress! Its always good to have to have them taken in!

We're staying at the Sheraton 4 Points on K Street between 12th and 13th. Nice place. TEENY tiny room, lol.

CaRoLyN  – (7:35 AM)  

Sounds like you had a GREAT time!! Good for you for making healthy choices. Just out of curiosity...what did you order when you went out for breakfast? I always find that meal the hardest to eat out for!!
That's amazing about the bridesmaid dress!! those things run so small anyway and now you have to get it taken in! Go you!!

Dee  – (10:52 AM)  

Welcome back! It sounds like you a had great time.

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