its been a long week and its only tuesday - hopefully the craziest will cease today but i doubt it... this big event tomorrow has created a lot of work on my end and the most important piece, the dinner program, might not be final until tomorrow morning (like i need more stress right now!)... i worked late last night and came in early this morning to help move things along - i think it helped but it just makes for a very, long day... :o(

i don't plan on going to the gym today because of all the stuff going on but as of right now, i still plan on going to running tonight... i've been looking thru both my fitness magazine and my other book to see if i can find a new weight workout, and i'm not really liking what i see... my options are to either combine moves from both OR find a new one altogether, we'll see what i decide... week #6 of C25K started yesterday and my run was great, i did more than was required so i'm happy to be making progress in that area... i took my measurements this morning and will post with tomorrow's weigh-in results - i hope it goes well... :o)

sorry this is short but work is calling...

happy tuesday...

Sonya  – (2:21 PM)  

I've been out of touch for awhile, but Week 6 already? Jodi - you rock!!!! Keep up the great work!

Hilly  – (2:35 PM)  

I'm so amazed at anyone who can do C25K...maybe I should try it rather than marveling at it, eh?

Chris H  – (4:07 PM)  

Good luck finding a new workout, I get a new one on Friday from my Personal Trainer... wooo hooo! Ha ha, then I go on holiday for 2 weeks, go figure!

iportion  – (4:13 PM)  

Have a good run.

Anne  – (6:10 PM)  

You're rocking the C25K! Congrats!

Kim  – (10:56 PM)  

Keep it up girl!! You are doing great! :)

Vickie  – (4:48 AM)  

I had a pita sandwich at the food coop yesterday - the THINNEST pita bread I have ever seen. Very fragile - whole wheat - have you seen that type available in regular store anywhere???

CaRoLyN  – (7:08 AM)  

Can't wait to hear how you did on your WI and measurements!
Great job on keeping up with the C25K program, you are doing a fantastic job!
Hopefully work becomes less stressful in the near future!

Kate  – (7:23 AM)  

Keep up the great work! I'm sure your weigh in will be great!

marie  – (9:29 AM)  

you're doing so well with the running! keep it up!!

Greta & Gurdy  – (9:32 AM)  

you're doing so well on your runs! You must feel GREAT!
Hope you're not too stressed today.
And thanks for the hug....I'm better today :)

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (10:38 AM)  

wow, you're doing so well with the c25k!!!! i can't wait to see your wi results and measurements!!

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