sunday's top 5

its been a busy weekend and i still have much to do - like finish packing way my clothes and shoes (perhaps i am procrastinating by typing right now!)... i had thought about going to the 8:30 spin class this morning but decided i needed a day off to rest—i did 2½ miles yesterday!!! we ran to the end and walked for a bit before turning around and heading back - the weather was perfect, not too cold and not too sunny... i then ran up to my mom's and we headed to the community yard sale - my first and best bargain of the day was a professional stepper with 4 risers (like the kind you see in a gym) for get this --> $1 ladies and gentlemen... now i have something to use w/my firm dvd's... :o)

before i list my weekly top 5, i have a few product reviews i'd like to do... i picked up the new, quaker multigrain mini rice cakes and they are awesome (1 pt serving) - they satisfy both your crunchy and sweet cravings... i also found these cute, little kidz wraps that will be perfect for small pizzas, samiches, and snacks (1 pt for 2 wraps!) - they have a few different flavors and sizes so check out their website here... :o)

now onto my weekly top 5... enjoy!

—do you know what a 300-calorie meal looks like?
—doing a
doing an isagenix cleanse, JP lost 27 pounds in 30-days
—spice-up your food with some of these tasty items
—buy something pink and $1 will be donated to susan b. komen for the cure
—another weight loss simulator website worth checking out

enjoy the rest of your weekend and i'll catch-up with you guys tomorrow... :o)

happy sunday...

Irie_Key  – (11:18 AM)  

Thanks for the top 5 - loved the 300 cal meal ideas. Have a great Sunday.


Anne  – (8:04 PM)  

Mmmm I wonder if we have those wraps here?

Kate  – (8:48 AM)  

Thanks for the Top 5, loved the 300 calorie meal ideas. Before WW's it would've been so amazing to me the size of those meals. WW's has helped me put my portions sizes in check for sure.

As far as your run, sounds like it went great. Sometimes you just need a break (from the spinning class). I was actually intending on yoga tonight, but I had such a busy day yesterday, I think I will sit on the couch (or just go on a short walk with the dog) and not feel guilty about it!

Glossy  – (11:43 AM)  

I love that weight loss simulator - I'm going to look fab when I'm at goal!!

JP  – (12:48 PM)  

Hey Jodi,

Thanks for the shoutout on my weight loss of 27.5 of fat in 30 days!!!

Fire me an email, I've got a great idea I want to share with ya: jp at jprichards dot com



Anonymous –   – (12:56 PM)  

I missed your top five..I love that you do this, super interesting, can't wait to try the weight loss simulator

kelly  – (2:19 PM)  

i would love to lose 10 lbs in 30 days...i cant imagine close to 30 lbs. yikes!!

those rice cakes sound yummy, i will have to try some.

cwalker3  – (6:10 PM)  

I would think 10 pounds a month is the best way to go. This is an interesting list this week.

Fitness website

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