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happy friday everyone, we made it to the weekend - yaa hoo... too bad the weather is going to suck for most of the country, they say DC is to get massive rain tomorrow and sunday - so much for a nice weekend (even though it makes for good tv/movie watching!)... by the time i got home last night, the rain had stopped so i went for a jog and didn't quite make it 20 minutes but got to at least 15... it is SO hard to run outside and not on a flat service, but i kept pushing myself because i know what a great feeling it will be to finally reach 3 miles... i then had a nice dinner, packed up my stuff, and took the kitties back to eric's so he would have them to come home too today (i know, gag)... :o)

i'm going to try and be more diligent with my weekly tidbits so here are my top 5 for this week... enjoy...

—how badly do you want to lose weight
—subway is going to start selling pizza
—prevention's 8 secrets of naturally slim women
—check out your weekly sales circulars here
—recipe for rachael ray's chicken peanut soup

i have a feeling work is going to be super-busy next week so i'm apologizing ahead of time for not commenting or posting very often... i will definitely let you know how tomorrow's runners group goes though - i'm hoping by having a jogging buddy and someone else to talk too will help... its not fun going by yourself esp. when you forgot the iPod at work...

have a great weekend... :o)

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Subway mmmm love the wraps :-)

It can't be a whole pizza right not at 2.99. so maybe it's portion controlled. It might go well with a salad.

Chris H  – (12:38 AM)  

oooooo deleted comments! Scary. I hope you have a lovely week and it's not too busy!

TrixieBelden  – (12:53 AM)  

I hope the week to come isn't too stressful for you! 3 miles at a time is awesome!

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amazing that you ran last night, you are kicking ass, when will the marathon be :) yeah you :)

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Hello chicken peanut soup, here I come! Vroom vroom!

Vickie  – (11:04 AM)

I think you would like her site if you are not already familiar with it. On her side bar - she has lots of information on food products and recipes. She is a long time WW person, is on maintance, has been at or below goal for quite a while. She posts lots of menu and daily food lists.

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