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sorry for the lack of posts, i have been slammed at work and am finally able to take a breather - go figure, its almost 5:00... our annual meeting is coming up and i was asked to design the 10' x 20' company booth as well as one for the cyber cafe... i've also been involved with our big forum/dinner that's happening on may 2 at the folger shakespeare library - the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, is supposed to give a speech so that's pretty cool... i hope i don't have to go but we'll see, i'm not very good around political people...

also at work today, we had a department potluck - there must've been like 20+ people there and just as many dishes... i took very small portions of things that i wanted to try and stayed clear of anything too starchy/heavy... i brought PEAsto pasta salad with green peas, basil, parmasean cheese, pine nuts, olive oil, and lemon rind - talk about awesome! there's not much left which means, i can give the rest to my mom this weekend... and i have no idea how many points were used so i may just say 20 and call it a day (better to be too high than too low)... :o)

since we had the potluck during lunch, i'll have to hit the gym after work... i know its friday but i need to finish week #5 of the C25K and since eric's going out of town again, i don't have any plans... tomorrow i have running and then i'm going to a huge town yard sale with my mom - i don't really NEED anything but i usually find something that's cheap... i may look for some camping gear, who knows... the weather should be in the low 70s - yaa hoo... :o)

happy friday...

i'll list my weekly top 5 over the weekend...

Anonymous –   – (7:07 PM)  

i love your pic of TGIF, I look forward to your top 5 list as usual :) Have a great weekend

iportion  – (7:21 PM)  

Have fun this weekend

and I hope your work out makes you feel good

Sonya  – (9:43 PM)  

Jodi - just catching up on all my blogs now, so CONGRATS on that 1.6lbs! You rock!

And "peasto" sounds really cute!

TrixieBelden  – (1:31 AM)  

congrats on 1.6 lbs! you never lose/gain what you think you are going to from week to week, at least that's what I've seen since starting WW in August. You are doing awesome with C25K. I wish my knees were in good enough shape to try it. You are awesome!

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