4 more days til the weekend

another weekend has come and gone and i can't believe its monday... i had a great weekend with eric, as usual, and i also got to spend some with my best friend last night over dinner... my flex-points came in handy since the restaurant is known for their thin, brick-oven pizza - i ordered the brie with pine nuts and tomato pizza - mmm mmm... i also had a slice of cheesecake but ALL points were accounted for and i feel it was a huge success... :o)

running went well on saturday morning, we went a bit past 2 miles but not by much - i guess we'll increase the minutes each week until we get to 3.2 miles... again, the weather was really nice - not too cold and not too hot - so it was enjoyable... i found some nike capris last week at ross and they worked well, just need to find some tanktops and i'll be good to go...

eric and i took the harley out on saturday for a 6-hour drive - it was awesome because the weather was perfect and we took back roads that wound around the country side... we drove thru frederick, hagerstown, hancock, berkley springs, martinsburg, harpers ferry, and then back home... we were pretty tired when we got home so it was an easy dinner (steak and asparagus on the grill) and then some tv-watching: my name is earl and 2 episodes of planet earth...

yesterday, i did some grocery shopping and then tagged along for eric's ulimate frisbee game in DC... at one point, the team was short 1 female and i thought they were going to make me play but luckily, some of the other female teammates showed up... i'm pretty good, when we're just throwing it around, but i've never played on a team and these people are serious players (they also lost 15-3)... i also tried to jog for a bit but it was really hot, so i just did a 30-minute walk along the river which is better than nothing... last night, i started to feel like crap because of my allergies so after i got home and prepped my lunch for today, i went straight to bed... i feel better today, thank god... :o)

happy monday...

Greta & Gurdy  – (11:47 AM)  

Mmm, the bike ride sounds AWESOME! Hubby used to ride years ago but has not in a long time. I've been bugging him to get another bike. We'll see how that goes.

Congrats on tracking so well and the run!!

mommi  – (1:32 PM)  

sounds like you did great...I am starting the run/walk thing, started a little while ago and got to 8-9 minutes...then slacked off, now Im starting back up again. In the gym with the treadmill..Im comfortably back at 3-4 minutes running, then walking. I am going to the gym 3-4 days a week and trying to get to 25 min running and then I do free wieghts. Love how I feel.


Kate  – (1:38 PM)  

Sounds like you had a great weekend, both with food, and otherwise. I live in Michigan, and the weather here was just picture perfect, makes it so easy to be happy!

Congrats on going out to dinner and accounting for all the points!

Anne  – (2:06 PM)  

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend and your pizza sounds delish!

Glossy  – (2:25 PM)  

What a great weekend Brie pizza and still within your points - that is amazing!

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (3:55 PM)  

yum that pizza sounds yummy!!! i need to find some running wear too, it's getting to warm to wear my hoodie. that bike ride sounds awesome!

Amber  – (8:23 PM)  

Sounds like a great weekend!

Chris H  – (11:35 PM)  

Wow, what a cool weekend you had! Lucky you. Hope you have a great week and the allergies don't give you too much grief.

iportion  – (12:02 AM)  

YA I am so hoping for friday :-)
But I look forward to monday too.
It's family day.

Living to Feel Good  – (12:02 AM)  

Hahaha I like how you are already counting down to the weekend! I had such a lazy weekend, and I can't believe it's back to work already.

Your Saturday sounds wonderful! Never been on a bike, but the ride, dinner, and relaxing together in front of the tele sounds great!


CaRoLyN  – (7:24 AM)  

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!! The weather was so nice, it's so great to get outside and do some outdoor activities! Summer is coming!
That pizza sounds delicious! There's nothing better than saving all your flex points and going out to eat at a great restaurant and splurging....especially when cheesecake is involved!

Anonymous –   – (1:14 PM)  

thanks babes for all your amazing support. Your weekend sounded great, riding on a harley. I am so envious of you, have a great week and don't worry the weekend is almost here ;)

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