i thought this was for beginners?

since i'm still deciding on whether to try eTools - i haven't started counting again but have definitely been making up for it in the cardio area... i'm down 2 pounds this week and am glad to see the scale finally move again... i'm going to stick with my C25K schedule at work (mon/wed/fri) as well as mt new, runner's group schedule which is tue/thur/sat... so that means - i'll be doing cardio 6x week which should definitely get my ass in better shape... :o)

all went well last night - there were a ton of women that showed up for the first runner's group and right off the bat - she had us do 2 laps around the track (1/2 mile)... if we felt okay, she told us to do 4 laps (1 mile total) so i'm glad i found a buddy because she ran at the same pace and motivated me to go the whole way... we did the 4 laps in 12:03 so my goal is to do the 5K in under 40 minutes and i think i'm on target, for now anyway... next run will be on thurs, on my own, and then we meet on sat mornings at 8:00am... yikes... :-o

my company is hosting bowling night after work - i'm not much of a bowler but i thought it would be fun to hangout and watch everyone else... my boss and coworker have their own shoes/ball so that alone is pretty hilarious - that reminds me of the girls that had their own roller skates back in the day... i was always jealous of their white skates with matching pompoms and wheels, esp. since i got stuck w/the shitty-ass brown rentals... i believe pizza will be provided so i will do my best to eat some yogurt before i go, so as to not overeat when i'm there... course i am a fan of pizza and we all know it tastes better when its FREE... :o)

happy hump day...

p.s. don't forget to watch fat: what no one is telling me tonight on PBS...

~paige~  – (12:33 PM)  

wooo i totally recall the rollerskates with the pom poms or....the fuzzy dice!
have ablast bowling (it is fun even if you suck...i do)
way to go on running. 1 mile in 1203 isn't bad at all!! you must feel great

marie  – (12:54 PM)  

eTools/online/whatever kicks arse, imho. I love that i can put faves in, put in whole meals that i eat regularly, it has what i put in the last few days if I eat things habitually and just want to drag and drop them onto my day today ...loverly!

bowling is such a riot! i can't believe some people are so hardcore to have their own shoes or ball though...

Hilly  – (1:48 PM)  

I know this is going to sound like one of those "duh" things to say, but I am definitely noticing that whether I follow points exactly or just eat healthy, it ends up the same. HOWEVER, when I am consistent with my cardio, I lose.

Anne  – (2:19 PM)  

Congrats on the loss!!
Wow cardio 6 times a week is awesome! You're my hero!

Christina  – (4:36 PM)  

go for the e tools I love it, so great and very easy to use. Amazing on doing the mile and going for the 4 laps, have fun bowling, and you can earn some extra ap's too ( for that pizza yum yum) and boo yeah girlfriend on the loss, it always feels so good when that happens :)

KL  – (4:36 PM)  

Umm, so I used to be in a bowling league. But, I do not have my own ball and shoes.

You definitely do a mile much more quickly than I do! Maybe that's because I don't run. My ginormous boobs kind of prevent that.

duenneschen  – (6:47 PM)  

hey! 2 lbs is awesome!!! didn't even see yu had updated your sidebar.

thats so exciting that your part of a running group!!! i cant wait to hear all abou it!

Sizzle  – (9:21 PM)  

i love bowling even though i suck at it. :)

iportion  – (3:16 AM)  

mmmmmm pizza

I fall down to much to skate

mommi  – (5:58 AM)  

Hi, I really love your website. I get so motivated reading here. Great for you on your 2lb loss. I love seeing my scale move also...I am starting running/walking...I got up to 8 min running and then walk....didnt do it for awhile, now Im kicking myself because, If I had stayed with it, I would probably be running around 15 or so now...Im back to square one and going to go slow...I have about 45 to lose....keep at it...maybe we can encourage each other.....


CaRoLyN  – (7:20 AM)  

Congrats on the loss! It's been a while since I have seen a 2 lbs loss! Cardio 6 times a week though will do that! Good for you. I can hardly find the motivation for 4x a week, I don't know how you do it!
Good luck with the Pizza....YUMMY!!

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:51 AM)  

I love using etools. As I get closer to goal I notice that I don't use it as much- I'm pretty good now at judging and estimating points/portions, etc. But I still use it just to keep me on track.
Congrats on the loss!!!!

Ro  – (10:44 AM)  

Congrats on the 2 pounds!!!!

Amber  – (12:07 PM)  

Wow with all the exercise you will be doing you will be dropping the pounds like crazy! Congrats on the 2 lb loss thats wonderful!

metamorphose  – (1:00 PM)  

Yay for the 2 pounds!

I watched parts of that documentary last night -it was pretty interesting. I loved the PHAT girls dance class, and the cute Hispanic ladies who were learning to help their children to not be obese.

I had a hard time with the teenager who wanted surgery though. I hope he seeks counseling to guide him through the process -if he hasn't already.

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