who says there's no such thing as free?

i know i shouldn't be promoting this but if you have kids, don't forget today is ben & jerry's annual FREE ice cream cone day... for more info, check this out... :o)

exercise: today's workout consisted of weights and after work, i meet up w/the runner's group... i wonder how far she'll make us jog tonight, i'm guessing 25 minutes probably... i also need to go shopping and get more dry-wick workout clothes, at least another pair of capri bottoms and 1-2 tank tops... if you'd look in my dresser you would probably say, "you have enough stuff to last a year", but i hate wearing the same thing a lot and most of its cotton... and they say it's not good for running because when it gets wet, it doesn't dry fast enough so we'll see what i can find...

foodwise: breakfast – egg & cheese on a light, multigrain english muffin... lunch – salad with lettuce, carrots, peas, feta cheese, and soy/ginger dressing... snack – fresh pineapple, strawberries, mango, and cottage cheese... dinner – fat-free refried bean and low-fat cheese quesadilla - mmm mmm good...

entertainment: the only thing on my schedule tonight is workout at 10pm so my goal is to finish reading the new issue of oprah so i can move along to my 3 other books... geesh, reading is so damn time-consuming... :o)

happy tuesday...

Chris H  – (7:24 PM)  

Reading... hmm I seem to remember books a long time ago.. before I found blogging anyway! I love reading a great book, must go get a few!

iportion  – (8:20 PM)  

No ben and Jerry's near by "Snif"
I could go for some ice cream mmmmmmm

jen  – (8:46 PM)  

Very healthy food -- maybe you could sneak in a free ice cream cone. :)

Living to Feel Good  – (1:01 AM)  

Ben and Jerry...oh boy! :P

Finally put my list of successful secrets up. Sorry it took so long!

CaRoLyN  – (7:15 AM)  

I just discovered fat free refried beans but I'm not entirely sure how to use them....so you just use the beans and cheese for your Quesadilla? Do you add salsa or any veggies? I'm pretty clueless when it some to mexican food...unless it comes in a box with instructions...just thought I would ask.

You are doing great!, Keep it up!

Anonymous –   – (8:05 AM)  

oh man I just read your post this morning...its wednesday I missed my free cone :(

Ro  – (8:50 AM)  

WHYYYYY Jodi....Now I will be thinking of Ice Cream all day ;)
Your food choices for today sound so good.....

marie  – (11:17 AM)  

i was SOOO happy i missed out on the free cone day with a ben & jerry's near my work and me being off for the day! wheee!

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (4:12 PM)  

i need to buy some of those clothes too, all i have is cotton! thanks again for those questions! they were fun!

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