its getting easier

met w/my runner's group tonight, we did 30-minutes total and i felt pretty good... i'm not going to lie - its still hard at times but it really helps having others around you because it keeps you motivated... i always thought i'd be the last one in the group but i'm not - guess that means something... i've been talking to another girl about the gym we belong too - seems we both like the spinning classes so i'm going to go on sunday morning (since eric will be out of town)... i can't wait because its been ages since i've gone to a class and i really do enjoy them... :o)

after class, i dropped off a TON of winter clothes at the dry cleaners and then hit the grocery store... i found the martin's whole wheat potato rolls and had one with a veggie burger and some cheese - a light dinner since my weigh-in is tomorrow... this is the first one since being back on WW so i hope it goes well... :o)

because i'm insane, i started switching my winter/summer clothes last night and my bedroom is a disaster... it bothers me to no end when things aren't organized - i have bins everywhere but at least everything is hung in my closet (i just need to do my shoes)... i tried on a few things and sadly, some are snug but i know after a few more weeks on WW - they will fit again... this weekend, i'll switch my bedding and yes, i have winter comforter/sheets and summer comforter/sheets... i also have winter/summer curtains but i'm no hurry to do those just yet... ;o)

happy tuesday...

Sizzle  – (11:49 PM)  

i suddenly feel not that organized.

i'm gonna keep hanging around you. i need that perspective! ;)

CaRoLyN  – (8:08 AM)  

YAY! Summer is almost here! I am in desperate need of some new summer clothes since last summe rI was a 13-14 and now I am into a 9-10. Just means I'll have to go shopping!
Great job on the running! Keep it up! Let us know how the spinning class goes, I've heard of them but don't actually know what it is!?! haha
Happy Wednesday!

Anne  – (9:08 AM)  

I bet you'll do great at WI and be back into those clothes in no time!

Different curtains?!

Kate  – (10:43 AM)  

Girl, everyone always thinks I'm insane because I'm crazy organizer. You should see my grocery shopping lists, haha.

As far as spinning, I love it when I can get a good instructor. I think I'm going to try to start going a couple times a week again. Luckily there are several places that offer it, so I'm going to try them all until I find a place that has an awesome instructor.

Greta & Gurdy  – (11:27 AM)  

I hope your weigh in went well!
And congrats on the run! It just keeps getting better.

PearShapedGirl  – (12:52 PM)  

Summer/Winter cutains? You crazy girl! ;) Glad to hear that the running class is going well for you and that you're not the last. I think that's everyone's fear. Well, it's mine anyway, and that's why I haven't joined a class, haha. Good luck with your weigh in coming up!

Take care,

Anonymous –   – (1:00 PM)  

I have to clean out my closet but am just so give me the motivation. Good luck with your weigh in today, let me know how it went?

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