jack bauer, get lost

don't forget --- all you die-hard workout fans --- tonight is the reunion episode at 10pm (est)... :o)

tomorrow is weigh-in day - i'm trying hard not to think about it esp. since i had a gain last week and didn't do so well over the weekend... i HAVE been planning what i can have for dinner though since i don't have that many points to work with (stupid walnuts are like 5 points for ¼ cup!)... it has to be very light - maybe i'll have some yogurt and some fruit... and i'm usually ravenous after my running class so i'll have to be very creative in the points dept - whatever the scale says tomorrow is what it will say, right? do any of you have special/funny/strange rituals that you do before weigh-in? please share... :o)

regarding the bachelorette party that i mentioned a while back - the stripper-pole class didn't pan out because its down to only 4 girls (including the bride!)... so we opted for an overnight stay in princeton and we'll be having a spa day, do some relaxing, maybe some swimming, and have a nice dinner downtown... anyone know of a good place to go? i've also been working w/the maid of honor on the shower favors - we agreed on special embossed boxes that will be filled with either candied almonds (an italian tradition) or small chocolates... i had some other ideas that i thought were pretty cool, like a coaster and a heart-shaped cookie cutter but was voted down - why do people have to be so damn boring?!?! anyway, my mom told me about the new martha stewart craft line at michaels so i'll be checking that out soon... :o)

happy tuesday...

p.s. anyone know what happened to 24? that show sucks now - thank god next week is the season finale, i can't take much more of this soap opera...

Kate  – (4:38 PM)  

Good Luck at your Weigh In!

As far as pre-weigh in rituals, I just make sure I stop eating and drinking by like 8 or 9pm the night before. Nothing other than that. Like you mentioned, I think the scale will say what it will say, there is no tricking it.

ThickChick  – (6:06 PM)  

Hi, nice to meet you! Thanks for the comment. At the ripe age of 20 I moved to Germantown MD, but lasted a month and moved back to Oregon... was too young for such a big move I think...
Anyway, when I did WW I got so neurotic about weigh-in some weeks that I would literally skip dinner the night before, work out like a maniac in the morning and not drink water or eat breakfast. I'm definitely NOT recommending this ridiculous ritual! Haha, I never would have admitted it at the time, but yes, on 'bad' weeks, that was my pre weigh-in ritual.

Anne  – (7:08 PM)  

Good luck tomorrow!!
The Martha Stewart line is realllly nice. Thank god I don't do scapbooking and such, cause I would be so broke! Everything is so pretty.

24, yeah, totally sucks. I really don't care what's going on there.

KL  – (7:13 PM)  

I'm so excited about catching up with reading your blog. I really missed it! Sorry the pole class won't work out. If I lived there, I'd take it with you! Sounds awesome!

Anonymous –   – (9:52 PM)  


I have like five episodes stacked up on my Tivo...gah!

Anonymous –   – (9:52 PM)  

Oh duh, as for 24...I know that Fox and the producers have taken our complaints to heart and plan to make it better next year.

CaRoLyN  – (10:53 AM)  

Good luck at WI!
I always stop eating at 7 the night before my WI and I always try to have a light supper that is low in Sodium. Everyone has thier own little quirks. Can't wait to hear how it goes...you may be pleasantly surprised!

Ro  – (11:14 AM)  

Jodi I am def getting something to hide the dimples and such for the wedding:)
My boss said the same thing about 24...since I am new fan I thought the show was good but obviously I am the minority :)

I hope you have a great big ole' loss at weigh in...you have been kicking ass with your workouts!
Good Luck!

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