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i'm glad its friday even though this week has been quiet - that usually means that something big is right around the corner... i WAS given a new project to work on yesterday so maybe that's it for a while but we'll see... i also learned some news from an ex-coworker/friend - she told me that one of my current coworkers is leaving to go back to school (she heard this from a vendor we both work with)... this will be the 4th person to have this position since i've been here (4.5 years) so that's pretty strange, i wonder when she's going to tell my boss... and i wonder how my boss is going to take it... :-o

stopped at trader joe's last night and picked up a few things: herbed goat cheese, field greens, spicy black bean dip, light coconut milk, artichoke ravioli and marinara sauce (for dinner tonight), whole wheat pizza dough, and some multi-grain flat bread... when i got home, i made a salad with goat cheese, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar and had that along with my stuffed pepper - mmm mmm... i really can't believe i got out of there w/out spending a fortune AND i was hungry which is never a good thing... ;o)

onto my weekly top 5 - i found some new blogs that i'd like to share as well so enjoy... :o)

—$3 will be donated to the susan b. komen for the cure if you buy this iPod sport armband
—looking for a cute purse? bubbly blend sells fair trade, handcrafted bags
—here are some fun blogs that i found: taste and tell, ramblog, mad about martha, and yumsugar
—how much do you like coffee?
—suburb of boston goes on a diet

because its friday and we could all use a good, heart-warming story - read about a dog that has adopted tiger
triplets that were abandoned by their mother... :o)

i'm not sure what my weekend plans are besides going for a run tomorrow - i was supposed to go to a wine festival but between the chance of rain and not many girls wanting to go, i may just bag the idea altogether... eric and i haven't really talked about doing anything, other than working in the little garden he prepared last weekend (planting tomatoes and green peppers)... i'm in the mood for a lazy weekend anyway, i was away last weekend and we'll be away next weekend so can anyone say TiVO?

have a great weekend everyone... :o)

John  – (10:26 AM)  

hey Jodi - wanna go to this on sunday?


Sizzle  – (10:44 AM)  

that sounds delicious! i need to stop at trader joes today on my way home. it's been too long.

hope your weekend is restful. :)

KL  – (2:25 PM)  

how cute is it to be planting a garden with your boyfriend?

Savy  – (2:50 PM)  

I wanna go to the wine festival! :)

By the way, your post made me hungry.

iportion  – (3:11 PM)  

I mentioned you and the purse thing on my blog.

jen  – (7:59 PM)  

Your Trader Joe's haul sounds fabulous. And good choice of heartwarming stories. :)

You've been tagged for a silly blog game. If you would like to particpate, go to this post for details.

TrixieBelden  – (11:42 PM)  

that salad sounded delish! i told one of my runner friends about Couchto5k and she loves it! Thanks for writing about it.

Living to Feel Good  – (5:52 PM)  

I can get in trouble at traders too! Have a great weekend!

CaRoLyN  – (10:20 PM)  

Sounds like you got some really great stuff at Trader Joe's. Wish we had one here in NB. I've heard about it from so many blogs!
Your menu sounds soooo yummy!!

Kate  – (8:30 AM)  

Like you, if it's quiet at work one day, it's like the calm before the storm, haha. But I actually like being busy at work...it makes the day go faster so I can get out of work, and do the fun stuff after work!

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (10:22 AM)  

the stuff from trader joe's sounds yummy!

kelly  – (3:18 PM)  

i love trader joes, i went there to get my favorite tortillas and they were sold out! oh well, guess i will just have to go back.

i tagged you on my blog, but its similar to what you do already with your friday links! :)

Amie  – (8:39 AM)  

Hey! I just found your blog while wandering, and it's so inspirational! You're doing a great job being on WW! It's nice to know that other people are out there with me!

Sonya  – (1:46 PM)  

We don't have a Trader Joe's in Canada.:-( But I'll be in NYC at the end of June, and will be stocking up on all that my suitcase can carry (non-perishable, of course!).

Hope you had a great weekend, and thanks for your comments on my blog. The english muffin idea for breakfast is great - I'm vegetarian (I don't eat eggs), but I could definitely add another protein and some yogurt to that. Thanks so much for suggesting it!

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