love me some new flavors

i found this at the grocery store yesterday and it is SO delicious! it might just be my favorite flavor now, behind boston creme pie and raspberry cheesecake... yum-o! :-)

the rest of my weekend was okay - spent most of my sunday at mom's, helping her put away xmas stuff and organize some shelves and closets... i like helping because i know it's hard to do alone, but i left around 12:30 and didn't get home til after 8:00... luckily, all the cleaning and laundry were done on saturday so all i had to do was watch the grammy awards (how cool was pink's performance? holy cow!)... :-)

work has been productive so far today, but i'm leaving at 2:30 to head to the foot doctor... i've had some sort of an appointment, every week, since the beginning of the year so i'm thrilled to only have 1... eric asked me if i wanted to go to atlanta in april (where's he going on business) but don't think i'll be able too between my foot and work... if it was san diego - that's another story, but atlanta in april just doesn't sound very relaxing (no offense)...

well, i'm off to finish a few things before heading out... happy monday... :-)

totegirl  – (7:17 PM)  

Man, I can't get over how horrible this foot thing has been. I hope it gets better soon. I can't wait to hear about the pilates program. You're not a sucker! That stuff works!

Teresa  – (10:36 AM)  

Wishing you all the best on your appointment. Hope its on the mend soon. Take care.

Anne  – (5:53 PM)  

We don't have any of those funky flavors here! Booo us!

Best of luck with your foot!

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