what happened?

you can tell it's monday - it's gloomy and has been raining on-and-off all day... such a difference from this weekend where it was sunny and in the mid-70s - we're talking total spring weather, for two, glorious days... it was great! i was able to get the flowerbeds ready for mulching and eric worked on the yard and prepped the garden - time to start planting next weekend... we even grilled outside for dinner and had our first s'mores of the season - quite a way to end the weekend... =)

saturday was busy - did some rummage/thrift store shopping with mom, then we grabbed lunch at a local mexican place (SO yummy), and then did some shopping at kohl's... i picked myself up some dresses, but am sure i'll need more since i won't know until i start swapping my winter/summer stuff (ugh, already?)... i'm trying to stay ahead of the game this year, and have begun washing and making piles of what needs to be packed-away and/or donated... i will also have a load to go to the dry cleaner - always such a process, but it must be done! saturday night - eric and i went over to a friend's house where we were surrounded by parents and kids and then watched them burn christmas trees and light fireworks... good times in the country... =)

this week looks average, minus going to the foot doctor tomorrow and hopefully getting the green-light to start cardio again... i've already made an attempt at better food choices - had a wonderful, chicken salad for lunch as well as some fresh fruit and yogurt... let the trend continue... =)

happy monday...

Teresa  – (10:31 AM)  

Wow gardening, we won't be doing any of that till near the end of May still way too cold here : (

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Hope the Dr gives you the thumps up. Keep well and take care.

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