less than a month to go

i was in the shower this morning when i realized that i forgot to weight myself before eating breakfast and having coffee.. according to the doctor's scale - i'm up a few, but would rather go by what mine says at home (stay tuned)... my appointment was going well until the doctor came in only to find no paper was coming out of the stress-test machine... the baby/contractions had been really active too, so i was a bit bummed knowing i would have to lay there for longer... i also had a nurse basically yell at me for laying on my back (which the 1st nurse said was fine to do) so i let her stuff a pillow under my right side and when she left, i took it out... i realize it's probably not the best position to be in, but i know he moves more when i'm laying flat and not on my side... when the doctor came back, she said everything looked fine and that they'll need to start looking at a date for my induction... {gulp}

traffic sucked last night and we had to make 2 stops on the way home, so no crib-assembly... i was, however, thrilled that we had a home cooked dinner for once - i made breaded, parmesan chicken, risotto, and beans from the garden... tonight it will be fish tacos! yum! :)

so excited about football tonight and this weekend, AND i'm also looking forward to our first batch of weakland beef chili... weather looks to be on the cool and cloudy side, so what's more perfect than snuggling on the couch and watching tv... :)

not much else to report on - i'm dragging eric with me on saturday to look at oversized chairs and that's all we have on the books for now... i'd like to get the rest of the nursery furniture put together and then maybe help eric organize his office area in the basement... oh, i forgot to mention that he BOUGHT A TREADMILL last week... not sure what inspired him, but it was good deal on woot.com, he said, and knows we have talked about getting one... i think it's great since i'll be home w/the baby and can start working off my pregnancy-gain w/out having to leave the house... yee haa! :)

happy thursday...

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